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Would you recommend the the Qu-ax 24 inch Muni with splined hub (“Special Edition”) [1]? I guess it’ll be mostly used for riding through the woods (rough terrain) but not that much for doing high drops/jumps and the like.

[1] Qu-ax 24 Muni

why not for jumps??? people use that hub for trial and it works well…

Ok, interesting. In my last posting I meant that I am not going to use it for jumps (I really didn’t expressed this very well) though it’s good to know that this MUni is stable enough to do jumps (if I change my mind… who knows). Any other opinions? Would you maybe recommend another MUni for <= 250 EUR that’s superior to the Qu-ax?

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>Any other opinions?

The Qu-ax is good and strong. But they have a downside. I have ridden
a Qu-ax trials and kept knocking my ankles against the nubs
(protrusions) on the cranks (at the hub end). I think the 24" has the
same feature. I’m not sure if they can be modified as they could in
the old KH’s. The new KHs have smaller nubs anyway. But then again,
some people are not bothered by the larger nubs at all. It’s something
to consider and if possible, try before you buy.

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I got a Qu-AX trials last month and it had some problems. The right pedal fell off after just a few min and was beyond repair. Also there the axle was slipping in the hub. Apparently there has been a bad batch. I returned it on the 7:th of August and I still don’t have a replacement. I’m not sure whom to blame, I’m sure that my dealer Fler Bollar i Luften are doing whatever they can. In any event I’m sick of waiting.

So I suggest you make sure you get a good unit if you do order a Qu-AX.´

I’m confident that I’ll be happy with the replacement though if/when I get it :slight_smile:

I got one day of riding on it or so and the nubs did not bother me at all. It was not much different from the new KH cranks to me.

I got a Qu-ax trials ‘special edition’ 1 month ago.
To date I havnt had any trouble with it at all.
There isnt a problem with the nubs on the cranks either.

Overall Im very happy with my uni.
But, this is the only ‘quality’ uni ive rode or seen so ive got nothing to compare it to.

And if you get it from Roland at municycle.com he will make shure there are no problems with it before he sends it.


@ ulph

You got a 20 inch muni from Fler Bollar. Right ?

@ smdO2

You don`t get the hub/axle problem !
I know that …