Qu-ax MUni vs. Nimbus MUni

Originally I was going to get the 24" Nimbus MUni, but it is out of stock until August, so I was thinking of getting the 24" Qu-ax MUni instead. I havent heard much about it though. Is it a good MUni? Better then the Nimbus? Also, does anyone have any idea about how long it would take to get from Germany to Maryland?


It is supposed to be a good muni. But if you don’t need a break, you should get the other frame. It is lighter and don’t have things sticking out at the ends hitting you knees.

Good luck on you muni buy, muni rules. :smiley:


The Nimbus has a square tapered hub with cranks for a square tapered hub, which won’t take beatings as well as a splined hub and crank set which is what the Qu-Ax offers and for a reasonable price. I have heard they are very strong and don’t know of any breakages.

I think the seats are both Kris Holm ones. The frames on the Qu-Ax are wide at the crown, but I’m sure Roland (municycle.com) would change it for a standard one which is still black, but closer in style to the Nimbus frame. It’s probably narrower than the Nimbus II '03 frames… Plus a 25.4 seat stem which makes twisting of the seat post a lil bit harder and with a rail bracket, offers a wide variety of bike seat posts.

The Nimbus unis are great tho, but if you think you’ll be rough with it and aren’t too keen on frequently changing cranks when they bend, go for the Qu-Ax.

Yeah i am happy with my qu-ax but the frame is far far far to heavy in the uk it’s only £10 more then a nimbus and for what u get it’s far beta!!!
I second what o.w.s says the frame is crap! that’s y i am changin it very soon.

The splined hub is going to cost a lot more. Is it worth getting over the other hub?


yes. I replaced enough broken cotterless cranks (square taper) and hub back in the day that i coulda bought a splined hub with all the money. Thats one way to look at it. You wont be disappointed with a splined deal. There are a butt-load of older threads weighing the pros and cons of cotterless and splined.

get the qu-ax. get the frame without the stickey outy parts.

As unicycles with splined hub/cranks go the Qu-Ax is very cheap and not that much more than the Nimbus. But yeah, I’d go for the splined set up. It’s nice to know you can push your uni hard without fear of breaking or bending parts. Of course some people will bust any unicycle crank or even hub. I am quite comfortable with my splined sets, I don’t think I’ll break them in the near future as I don’t really do huge drops but I don’t feel like I’m being held back by the quality of my machines.

Go splined. It’s worth it in the long run.

Also, is anyone aware of any “hidden” UPS charges when crossing the border into the US. I have heard that some people were charged an extra $150 at the last minute, and there was nothing they could do. Does anyone know about that?


From what I understand, there is only the hidden shipping charge when it goes across the boarder from the U.S. to Canada. I am not positive but the people that have talked about having to pay it were from Canada

how would the QU-AX muni compare now to the Nimbus muni now or even the torker dx? which is going to be tougher or a better deal all around?




Go with the Nimbus Isis and upgrade to KH moment cranks
The quax is a good option too but not isis

Nimbus ISIS w/ upgraded KH cranks as XCcrev said.

Would it be worth saving up to get the KM24 instead of the other options? and why or why not?

Is the nimbus isus hub very strong? It looks sub-par to the kh hub - but it’s hard to tell.

Its not at all sub-par to the KH if you upgrade the stock cranks for $50 to the KH moments. Its actually arguably strong in that case due to the undrilled rim, steel seatpost and steel frame. Marginally heavier though not by much.

The hub itself is almost identical in construction to the KH hub so they should be of equal strength. They only differ in the fact that the Nimbus hub is solid rather than hollow and has better shaped drilling on the flanges which both hint at it being a bit stronger.

It looks like Nimbus doesn’t offer splined hubs in other places. I may be wrong. Since the feller asking is in the US, he can get a splined Nimbus 24" MUni. I have one and I’m really pleased with it. It’s light, the seat is great… Nimbus gel, and the welding is really well done. Like it was said before, The Nimbus Hub and the KH hub may have rolled out of the same factory: Hangzho Guanhao Bicycle Industrial, Co., Ltd. I’m guessing. Again I may be mistaken.


this thread has been dead since 04

I think the one who resurected this noticed that. Probably better than starting yet another thread on “how good is the Nimbus Muni”.

Of the three you posted, the Nimbus is the lightest, but no brake mounts.
The Qu-Ax is a bit heavier, and the DX heavier still. Both have mounts for Magura brakes. (Most don’t use them.)

I’d save up for the KH if you can. It’s the lightest splined Muni you can get, and comes w/ brake mounts. You also get the choice of crank size when you get it, plus it’s compatable w/ the new geared hub (I think the Nimbus is as well, the DX is not, and not sure about the Qu-Ax).

Looking back I wish I got a cheep learner, then saved up for a KH than getting my DX.

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