qu ax muni good for street?

I’ve been looking for a good unicycle for street/trials but have a mild interest in starting to muni. I’m getting into big jumping and figure i wont lose interest in it anytime soon so i want to get something splined now rather than later. The cheapest one ive seen is the http://www.unicycle.co.uk/shop/shopd…?catalogid=677 but was wondering if that would be a good unicycle for street.

Also I didnt know if it would fit me or not. I’m about 5’ 1".

I have a friend with the qu-ax muni and he has no complaints. He’s into a bit of trials/street but second to muni. It certainly goes both ways, as do most unis.

I think your other link is broken, but I assume you’re talking about http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=796.

It will fit, at most you may have to chop the seatpost a bit but thats not hard. As for whether it is good for what you want, I would suggest getting a trials uni instead. A trials is perfect for trials and its ok for muni, it’s just slow. I have used my trials for muni and I just had to work harder.

Go for the qu-ax 20". It’s better for street and trials, if your mainly into street get some 127mm cranks with it instead of the 140mm’s.

Or if you are taking the 20" approach, get the '06 Torker. It already comes with the 127mm cranks and is $260.

24" is better

does this one work

"I think your other link is broken, but I assume you’re talking about http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=796. "

Close…but not exactly the one i was looking at was a bit cheaper

hows this?


Thats the same uni, ones in UK pounds the other is in US Dollars and i think it works out the same with shipping. That would be cool with a 24x2.5" hookworm tire and 140 mm cranks.

It depends if you want flow go with the 24 inch if you want hight and technical go with to 19 inch. Its all about prefrences.

I did the currency converter 185pounds = $325 US. And shipping from UK UDC would be slower and more expensive, so yeah get it from USA UDC. Has anyone tried a 24" for street? Is it good?

I havnt tryed it but there are die hards

It really does come down to preference. 24" is faster, but that extra 2" at the bottom might stop you from doing grind rails, and don’t even think about doing the tight technical lines some trialriders prefer (me included). So, if you’re going to do skateparks, it’s either the 24", or 20". If you’re going to do trials, get the 20".

dude, if ur anything like me, go for the 20" trials, coz i constantly ride trials and street, and with a little bit of muni occasionally on the side! the 20" isnt too bad for muni, it just requires more concentration and control, to get ova logs and get up hills and what not.

but 20" uni’s are the best for trials and street, dont get me wrong, the 24" can cope, but it restricts u from a few things like crank grabbing onto those objects that are a bit lower to the ground, and stops u from grinding those low benches. Plus you dont have as much control as you would on a 20", with the small tyre and being lower to the ground, also helps u to bail sooner! :wink:

get a 20" :wink: :slight_smile:

I was on my onza muni for trials/street early last summer, and it worked out well.
Got my onza trials this fall and it is better for jumping and most trial/streete stuff, i i can go on the 24 as well… And i wouldn’t go any muni on my trialuni, it is so booring, no speed, no ground clearence…

I would go for a muni now and maybe a trialuni later, if i was into both muni and street…

And why would anyone want to crankgrab something “that’s not high enough”?
Pick higher obstacles! If you want to crankgrab something that’s halv the height of your wheel, you’ll have to jump about nothing to get up on it, because your crank’s allready up there. Better to jump it to rubber…
And not everyone is into grinding stuff…

I just got an '05 KH24 and I’ve been doing some street type stuff on it while the snow is around. I bought the splined muni because that’s what I’m mostly interested in and figured that if I get more into street/trials stuff, I could always get a more suitable uni. Also, if you want to use your uni for any transportation, get a muni and you’ll get there faster.

It’s mostly preference, so if you’re more into trials and street, get a 20".

yes 24" can be used for everything you want, especially if you have a splined hub in it.

But if you are sure you are just doing street and trials then 20" would be best.

I still like 24"ers better though

Yes if you want to do technical trials then get a 20".
you can crank grab on lower obstacles and high obstacles, look at kris holm in ONE TIRED GUY on his 24" Muni, he can do anything on it. In moab he does trials like crazy on his Muni and if awsome at it, but yes it would be easier on a 20" do most trials liines. For muni a 20" cant compare to a 24", you can rip on a 24" and the 20"er will be so slow. I have been on trails where i really dont think you could ride a 20" trials because its to low to the ground and would hit rocks and not enouph speed or nuthin.

As for he bail, yea a 20" is a little lower, so lower i guess = less pain when falling

I don’t think the height really matters for bailing at all. I’m a 24" street diehard, though that may change when I fix my 20". As far as I can tell 20" is a LOT better for trials and better for street that has more freestyle in it, but a 24" is better for big stuff like clearing sets and such. Urban MUni, I guess you’d say. That’s what I do, and I like my 24" for it.

I have a Nimbus trials and the qu-ax muni and what I’ve found is that the muni is a lot heavier than the nimbus which means that it would take more effort to do tricks. Also if you were to go the qu-ax muni and do trials you would want a different size cranks for trials because it’s a lot harder to do street/trials when you have long cranks.

get like 150mm or 140mm, i had 165 but got 140mm and ther much better for just about everything

The KH Muni is very light