qu-ax muni frames

have you guys checked out qu-ax’s muni frames?


Thats like $57us!! with brake bosses! I like this site more and more. If only i had some dinero… :roll_eyes:

I wonder if the overlap of the crown will hurt the inside of your knees.

Hi Mango,

I have the 24" Qu-ax muni for about one week now and from time to time I touch the frame with the knees. But those are mostly soft touches where you don’t hurt the knees.
Even without leg protection it’s no problem. After riding a narrow freestyle uni for a few years I first had to get used to that overlap but that was done after a few minutes of riding.

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thank you very much martin! that was exactly the kind of reply i was looking for! I am looking for a replacement for my yuni (nimbus dos) frame.

happy trails

The 20 inch version is also their ‘special of the week’:


the crown of the frame of the quax trials is really wide, so it hurts often when it hits the knee