qu ax muni alternative cranks


ive got a qu ax 24" muni and its great but i keep knocking my ankles on the nubs on the cranks and it is really annoying and i frequently get cut.

so, are there any other cranks that will fit tyhe quax muni that are suitable for muni riding??? :thinking:

Dont get new cranks, quax is bomb proof, just grind the nubs off. I havent done that yet on mne, ive ridden for a while. In my opinion, i got use to it, i’d just say live with it, or grind them off to be cheap lol. There are some threads on how to grind cranks

This thread should help a bit

thanks:) :slight_smile:

I’m pretty sure Kris Holm Moments will fit on a Qu-Ax, and if they do, Moments I think are a lot better than Qu-Ax cranks…

Or get ankle guards like 661 Ankle Biters, or wear high tops.

I personally think hightops are the worst cycling shoes, especially on bmx pedals. It hurt. Now i have lowtop/duncan whatever they are, better souls on them