Qu-ax muni 29er w/brake UK only

Hello all, very long time since I last visited the forum. In fact I couldn’t recover my old account but very pleased to see some of the regular faces are still around… GILD!

Anyway, I have my Muni on ebay right now,

I’ve only ridden it a few times since new since my riding buddies lost interest shortly after I bought it! (Jealousy, I’d say). Nevertheless, apart from the scuffs this muni is in great condition.

You’re supposed to cut the brake cable to match your seat height but I’ve left it full-length like new, so that’s an advantage over other used munis.

It has been kept indoors and I’ve given it a clean before parcelling up


Shimano callipers

Kenda tyres

All the rest, quax

U.K. Postage only, as an item of this size would be very pricey to post overseas.

Any questions, let me know :slight_smile:

You’re in London it says on your ebay… Would you give a wee discount if I collected and paid cash?

Hey! Sorry for the late reply, was up a few Welsh mountains with no signal. However as I came back down the valley yesterday into 3G and the modern world I got an item sold notification. Hope you find a muni somewhere soon. :slight_smile: