Qu-ax muni 26"


I´ve for sale QU-AX MUNi 26". It has steel frame, 145 mm qu-ax cranks, original qu-ax seatpost (not KH that you can see on the picture), Kenda blue groove tire 2,5" and flattened KH freeride saddle or QU-ax saddle. Both are much more comfortable than originals.
MUNI is sold with magura HS33 - I´ve changed oil maybe 3 months ago.

Ewerithing is ok, only few scratches on the frame from leg protectors.

If you have questions or want more pics, just send me message or email.

price is 260 € with brake or 210 € without brake.


It is possible to sell only the wheelset (with cranks, spacers, pedals with metal pins, tire and tube) - price of new wheelset on http://www.einradladen.com/ is 199 € without pedals. My price is 140 € with pedals.

If you have another proposals of the price (whole muni or just wheelset), just send me an email “igorbatka at gmail dot com”.

By the way, muni is 1,5 years old and I´ve bought it as new in Germany.

I´ll add bleeding kit for magura brake to the unicycle for free


new price is 240 € for MUNI with brake, 190 € without brake and 125 € for the wheelset with cranks with pedals.

I´ll sell the MUNI with KH adjustable seatpost (it´s on the pictures) at the same price.