Qu-Ax Muni 24"

I already ordered a Qu-ax 24" but i was wondering if it is at all good for doing trials. I’m Lee’s friend with the CX and i love muni but trials are also fun. So if you could respond that would be great:)

It should be good, of course it depends which one you went for as they do both splined and non-splined versions. I think genreally 24s aren’t quite as good as 20" for trials, due to their larger weight and lower manouverability due to the bigger wheel. I ride a 24" Muni and it certainly doesnt perform the way my friend’s 20" Onza does, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do alot on it. But i’m splitting hairs, compared to the CX it will be incredible.

Please respond

Hey John, heres a quote from THIS THREAD that might help you out:


leeman quoted a thread I started… and the qu-ax muni is great for muni. It’s heavy as hell for trials, and don’t try to ride anything less than 2 inches wide. You have a lot less control than with a 20"… It makes my 20" trials cycle feel like a toy.

I’m not trying to bad mouth this uni - I love it. You can do trials on it, but a 20" is definitely better.


For trails, I love the Qu-Ax 20", and I actually see no reason to by a 24" unless you ride Muni or already have a 20".

However, a comment to the quote about crank lenghts, I love the long cranks that come with (at least my) Qu-Ax 20". They increase the manouverability of the uni, the only problem is that they sometimes crash into the ground if I do sharp turns, but this is unusual.

Anyways, a 20" is a little slower if you are going to ride a few km., but is that really a problem? The difference from 20" to 24" is minor and I usually end up fooling around all they way to wherever I am going, and then I’m happy I have a nice and light 20".

I also have a 20" Qu-ax, and even for MUni, it’s fine. I quite regularly do a 14km track here, with steep hills and long downhills, and my 20" performs amazingly well here. But as an answer to your question, yes you’ll be able to do trials, but in a lesser degree then someone who has a 20". I found a nice long line here, but it can be quite tight, and my 20" can only just squeeze through, so a 24" is a no-no on some lines.

thanx you guys:D