Qu-Ax Luxus 36er

Sorry, but when I brought this up in another thread it wasn’t getting a whole lot of responses.

I’m still looking at the Coker Big One and Nimbus Titan, but have stumbled across the Qu Ax Luxus 36 Marathon at goudurix. Does anybody have experience with this uni? Searched but couldn’t find anything on the Luxus 36 specifically. Has a 48 spoke wheel (general concensus seems to say that’s overkill) but also an isis hub. Not to mention the fact that it’s only 450$.

Just looking for anyone with input on this uni.

Link if you are so inclined: http://www.goudurix.com/us/luxus-36-black.html

Thanks for any input.

Not a bad price for their entry level 36er, and it still has ISIS drive and a double walled rim with big braking surface. I was wondering what shipping would be to CA (they are located in Canada) and so I “added” it to cart so I could get a quote. Unless there was an error, it looks like the rate is only $12! The one negative I see is that it has 48 spokes, like pretty much all QU-AX unis, which adds unnecessary weight. Don’t know why they just don’t make them with 36h. Other than that, not a bad price.

It is correct with 12$ shipping

Apparently not many people have this Uni so maybe you will have to test it for the forum and tell us your results!!

Like I said in the other thread, I’ve not got a quax36, but I do have a quax26, which I’ve ridden exclusively for the past year and consider it a fantastic uni, with build quality as good as KHs and Nimbii.

Like all quax unis, it’s got 48 spokes, and, to be honest, I’m amazed that people are still moaning about the extra weight!

Seriously, it’s 12 spokes- when it comes to all the issues that can affect weight (tyre choice, frame etc) an extra 12 slim pieces of wire/nipples are virtually irrelevant.

Besides which, if the wheel being 12 spokes heavier is going to be seen as a negative, surely the fact that it’s also 12 spokes stronger, would go some way to offsetting that?

Hey Dave, I did see your post by the way and what you say about Qu-Ax does seem to be the norm. They seem to be quality, well built uni’s similar (if not a bit better depending on which model) to Nimbus.

I also agree that the 12 extra spokes doesn’t bother me a whole lot, since it seems like it should make for a stronger (though slightly heavier) wheel. One of my main qualms with 48 spokes before was the difficulty in getting an isis hub, but that issue is taken care of with this uni.

Honestly, I’m having trouble finding anything too negative. For the price I can get the uni and either a T bar or Nightrider handle. Reeeeaaallly want the Nightrider though I’m unsure on durability.

The shipping blew me away as well! :smiley:

I just need to convince my parents that I need one and will pay for it. :roll_eyes:

Shmolagin, if I get one, I’ll be sure to post about it…

If the price is good, then I’d suggest you go for it. From the 2 quax’s I’ve currently got, I’d definitly have quax high on my list when considering a new unicycle. That’s partly cos I’ve got a wholesale/workshop account with a company that stocks them, so the price is better than other brands, but, that aside, I’ve just been so impressed with my quax26- had zero problems with it.

Do you use a handle now? Do you definitly want one on the 36-er?

I ask only because, on this board, handles are one of those things that many give the impression of being an essential item (along with brakes/gears etc :)). They’re not- plenty of riders do not have a handle (other than the usual plastic seat grip on the front).

I ride without one- I’ve had 2 different types in the past and came to the conclusion that I prefer to not use one.

Handles definitly have their uses, but they’re not essential.

And, for those new to 36ers, handles can get in the way.

Good 'cause I’m really curious about it.

Dave, I have a Pi bar on my 29 right now and have become pretty reliant on it.

If I were to get one, I would delay putting it on and get some riding under my belt first. I was gonna hold off on brakes for the time being.

*correction, I meant shadow handle, not nightrider.

I believe it’s a wheel TA. Seems decent from what I’ve read in a few threads.

It seems like a very good deal. As for the tire, it is hard to say. It may be a Wheel TA, but I suspect it’s the Coker Road tire (that looks just like the TA). I know that there is some sort of relationship between Coker and Quax, but I don’t know how it all works out. I had a Coker wheelset, that was said to be identical to the Quax (per Josh @ UDC).

I had an original Coker Big One frame, and a Nightrider frame. Between them the Coker frame seemed stiffer. The Quax Luxus frames look nice, and with the Maggie mounts you could easily install a V brake.

If I was in the market for a 36 I would certainly consider the Quax. A plus is the cranks. I know they aren’t the most durable on the market, but they are plenty strong for a road 36, and very light.

The shipping isn’t 12$, they say that shipping is 12$ for anything other than things in the balance line. Which includes unicycles.

Well that blows. Still can’t be too rediculous though could it?

I would like to know if the spokes are stainless or not, when I changed to 14ga stainless spokes on my old 36er I reduced my wheel weight by nearly 12 ounces and you definitely feel it

Killian: I know that Solocyclist (http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/member.php?u=21554) had an older version of it that came with a brake. You could PM him about it. You could also ask Peter Sandstrøm at Unicycle.com/sweden - he sells it and will give you a straight answer.

…For the price I can get the uni and either a T bar…

Check the Compatiblity issue. I’m not sure the T-bar Compatible with Qu-ax seat, and in that case you’ll have to change the seat + seat post to KH
http://www.krisholm.com/en/gear/component/t-bar-touring-handle#specs (in ‘General’).

Have fun’

I have ordered the QX-36" (I hope to get it by the end of this month).
It is an enhanced version of the QU-AX Luxus 36" uni - it is made of aluminium and has disc brake, etc.
I also ordered the KH free-ride seat + the T-Bar that goes along with it instead of the QU-AX seat.

You may find this uni spec here if you’d like to see it:


I will only be able to give you feedback about these after I’ll get it and ride it for some time though :slight_smile:

I would also may consider changing the tire to Nimbus Nightrider - but only if the TA tire won’t do the work as it should in the light off-road trails I ride at.

As a ‘heavier’ Unicyclist, I can appreciate things like a 48 spoke wheel :wink:

That looks like a nice Uni, one4all.

The frame on the quax 36 looks like a bigger version of the one on my quax 26- which is a really nice frame, I think it looks better than my KH frames and my nimbus steel frame- in fact, it’s the nicest frame I’ve ever had.

Being aluminium, I guess that would make it a stiff one?

The one minor negative to the quax for me, was the seat- from what I recall it seemed to have too much curve for me. But I generally expect to switch out the seat when I buy a uni: I put one of the nimbus seats on it.

I am due for a new wheel soon due to a heavy down hill guy :wink:
So what’s the opinion on the Quax 26isis wheel