Qu-Ax ISIS hubs

I recently had my unicycle stolen with the Qu-Ax setup. I like this setup because of the 48-spokes. Now that it’s gone, I was thinking about getting the Qu-Ax ISIS hub, but I don’t really see any information about it. Does anyone have any experience using this hub? I wanted to possibly get the KH aluminum ISIS cranks and bolt those to it, but it seems that there is some confusion with interfacing different ISIS components. I know that Koxx-one has the biggest problem, but I’m not entirely sure if the setup I want will work smoothly.

i think the qu-ax isis setup is a bit weaker than the kh because its for cross.
if you were going to get the kh moment crabks then just get the hub aswell

well i think he wants the 48 spoke from the qu-ax hub… if i understand correctly.

the KH moment is a great hub, and the cranks will fit on the qu-ax isis hub.

Basically just treat the koxx1 hubs as NON-ISIS. They are a very good hub and cranks just for the record and are worth considering, but they just arent isis, and shouldnt be named so.

All isis parts fit on all isis hubs, except koxx1 hubs and cranks. It says it on einradladen.com and udc anwyays.

I found the post where Tony Melton mentioned using it for big drops and stuff.

So from the sounds of it, it is a strong hub but they are sticking to the safe side so people will buy the more expensive one.

The Qu Ax isis cranks and hub fit with KH isises as far as i know im pretty sure thats what Egon(Qu Ax) said