Qu-ax ISIS Cromo on K1 hub?

Has anyone actualy tried putting these cranks on this hub?

Municycle.com sais they won’t but that may just be an assumption. I really want some cranks that are better for flatland than the normal K1’s and the Street cranks are longer than I want and too expensive.

I highly doubt they will work/fit. I will try after I eat a little something.

no sell them to ME for 49% off


they might fit but it would probably screw up your hub eventually


Okay I tried it. …um it fits? I don’t know if it would hold up to a lot of abuse but I don’t know that it wouldn’t either.

I had to double up on some spacers and cut a nice fat spacer out of an old seat-post. I think I could have cut smaller ones, tho I don’t want to push these cranks on too far. The splines on the crank are smaller than the hub and I don’t want to mess up either of them to badly.

They stick out kinda far appearing to make for more Q than K1 street cranks, although the thinner profile of the cranks puts the pedal pretty close to the same spot. These cranks have been de-nubbed and if they had not been I think the whole axle would be much to big. However the way they are with the big spacers gives quite a bit of room for Flat.

The big problem would be that it only goes on somewhere between 10-13mm. I don’t know if that is sufficient spline-spline contact?

Here are some pics. I don’t think I will be using these cranks on this hub unless I get FULLY ASSURED that this will not fail. It feels like it might work okay… Someone might be able to give some more opinions.





Sweet thanks for posting that. Looks like we have really really similar set ups. I think you have pretty much scared me away from it. If its gonna be that sketchy then I just don’t think its worth it.

Okay, I got a couple more millimeters of hub splines to fit into the crank. I am gonna ride the setup… I am not too worried about anything messing up. I guess I will be the guinea pig here. The cranks feel real nice like this. Its so bulbous on the end of the axle it feels great for flat.

The K1 street cranks (imo) are very very nice. So I will try and give these cranks a fair chance. I like that they are lighter and the square tubing design feels pretty good.

Hopefully nothing goes wrong… I will continue to post some updates.

Oh and I have an interesting idea I might attempt… we’ll see.

Hey Sam any updates on this? I can pick them up for a decent price here in Korea and my K1’s are shot.

I still am using that setup. New set of cranks as the old ones got sold with a uni. This time around I dont have the proper spacer setup and they click and clack a lot. I will be back home, and in a day or two I will fix the spacer problem and see how that helps quit them down. I have not stripped a crank, the hub, or a crank bolt as of yet, and others have bounced around on my uni as well.

If you dont like Q, then is is not of U. However I really like the setup, very happy with it so far.