Qu-Ax ISIS Cranks VS KH ISIS Cranks

On unicycle.com america alot of the nimbus cycles come with Qu-Ax ISIS Cranks standard. In captions it says these are begining trials cranks and you should upgrade to KH ISIS Cranks.

Yet after looking around the forum and the web no one seems to mention these Qu-Ax cranks.

Are they really that bad? And what happens if you use a beginner crank for a trials trick is there a chance it will break or bend?

And would these thigns be apropriate for just cruising?

Alu ones are for freestyle, cokers, finding what size you like etc… The will not take a beating. Can bend or break.

The cromo isis cranks will take a beating. I have a pair in 145mm and love them.

The Qu-Ax Alu ISIS cranks definitely do NOT take a beating and bend quite easily on drops etc… I went through 3 sets before upgrading to KH Moments. Get the KH’s, they are definitely worth it.

Qu-Ax Lightweight ISIS are ideal for cruising. I used the square taper version on my coker for a year with no problems, and that included light XC trips and going down stairs. They would not be ideal for trials at all, so if you plan on doing crank grabs or big drops you should really get the KH Moments.

I wanted to use the Qu-Ax Alu ISIS cranks (because they are cheap) to build another “light trials” uni - I thought they should be OK for drops up to about 100cm with my ~65kg weight. May I ask with what drops/weight you have bent your Qu-Ax cranks?

On my current two unis I have KH Moment cranks anyway :).

Maybe look into getting koxx light cranks or some tensiles.

im going to get the KH cranks i was just curiouse cause i never heard anything about the Qu-Ax
also does any one have a picture of a bent crank
i am quite curiouse

A lot of times you will bend the crank, but it wont be so bad that it is obvious to the eye. It is something that you have to feel. If you are not sure if you bent the crank or not, then what you should do is turn the seat around and ride the unicycle “backwards.” You should then be able to tell. This is because with a bent crank, your legs just get used to riding a little skewed, but if you turn the seat around, the bent part feels doubly bent because it is bent in the opposite way than you are used to. Just be sure to remember to turn the seat back the correct direction so the pedals don’t unscrew them selves.

This is how my unicyle was with the flat spot, I could barely tell it was there whn riding because I had gotten so used to it.

I think that is a clever experiment

I am going to try to remember the backwards seat thing if I have a uni that feels off. +1, even though I have never tried this.

I agree!

Yeah, I have used this method multiple times. Another way to test it is to ride a friend’s uni that has the same wheelsize and close crank size. If their uni feels weird, then it might be your uni that is bent.

I was taking drops of around 2 feet, 60cm or so, at the time. I do weight a fair amount though, currently around 100kg’s :slight_smile:

If you have Moments rather stick to them.

Yes, quax will bend even on rather small drops. It happened to me too, I wouldn’t get them for anything involving drops.