Qu-Ax in the US?

I’m not quite ready for a new uni but I’ve been looking at the new Qu-Ax 24" Muni. Does anyone know where you can get a new Qu-Ax in the states?

Goudurix It’s in Canada, but it is the North American distributor for Qu-Ax, and they are the ones that are supposed to be supplying the U.S.

Excellent Unis. Highly recommended (by me anyway!) :smiley:

yes, Goudurix is our distributor in Canada - who also delivers to the US. They already have received some stuff from Germany and will get next to the whole range of unicycles probably around mid-may.

If they can really not deliver what you need and you cannot wait until mid-may, there are still some of our distributors in other countries who ship to the US, like www.municycle.co.il or e.g. http://team-uni.com/

we just presented some new 24" aluminium frames by our highend-brand QX-series which are a perfect upgrade for our 24" Muni. They will arrive at our warehouse in Germany around mid/end of may. find some images here:

Do you make 26" muni’s?

Perfect, thanks. I probably won’t need a replacement until at least the end of summer anyway.