Qu-ax hub with Nimbus rim

I need some technical advice. I would like to replace the Qu-ax DB-45 rim that came on my trials uni but I think I’m a bit too tight to replace the hub as well. The rim I’d like to get is the Nimbus 48-spoke trials rim on municycle.ca cause it’s way lighter than my DB-45. They both have 12g spokes, but I’m not sure if I’ll need a different spoke length for that rim to fit with my hub (the yellow Qu-ax ISIS hub) or if the hub and rim won’t work together at all or if it will all go perfectly. One difference between the two rims is that the DB-45 has the spoke holes staggered while the Nimbus has them straight. Does that make any difference? To summarise what I need to know, I just don’t know if the yellow ISIS Qu-ax hub fits the 48 spoke Nimbus trials rim. Thanks, Blake