Qu-ax hub/crank set

im looking for a qu-ax hub/crank set for a trials uni.
plz post were u are and wat shipping would be.

I have a used one, I got it half a year ago. I haven’t done any grinding but I have done plenty of pedal/crank grabs. If you’re interested let me know.

ok how long are the cranks?
and what will the price be? and what will shipping be?

ooh, I didn’t realize that you’re in Australia. Shipping might be on the expensive side. It might actually be cheaper to get it new, rather than to get the used one through me. Sorry about that

no probs

i would sell you mine but someone stole them…

you should buy it from UDC New Zealand. its cheap because it takes out GST which is about $30. I got mine (145mm cranks) from there and it cost me $180 AUS including shipping.