Qu-ax help

Yeah i know, there’s plenty of threads here about Qu-axs but i thought ‘what the hell, why not start another one?’’. So! I’m thinking of buying this puppy…


…and i’ve read all the threads about crank length. These being read, 154mm cranks sounds awful large (esp. going from 114s (my current Nimbus II)). I decided to buy this mainly with the idea of ramping up my street riding and from what i’ve heard approx. 130mms are the most appropriate for ramped-up-street. Is 154 too big for street and if so, is it worth me buying some smaller cranks? What cranks would you recommend (and are they compatible with the uni’s hub)?

Any feedback would be appreciated and if my post is to convoluted just let us know.

I’m not sure how the exchange rate is in Australia but at that price you could go with a 2007 KH 20. As far as crank arm length is concerned you might have a bit of trouble grounding out on turns with the 154ml arms

Harley in proper conversions a KH 07 in AU cost $795. So the difference is pretty huge…

Now onto wether its ok, i wouldnt really know but i think its a typo.
cause the exact same uni on UK udc
shows 145mm cranks. Which is big but more reasonable…

145mm is ok for trials, but it all depends how they measure… since they are the pinch bolt type if they mesure from top to bottom then thats pretty much a 140mm, and so thats normal trials size…

Also what cranks would u get? I check udc AU and there are no qu-ax cranks on sale… so u’ll have to stick with those unless u get them from US or EU…

hope that helped

Sorry. I did not notice that the price quote was from the UDC Austrailian web page. I thought that it was a US price quote. My apologies.

That is actualy incorect. Cranks are measured from the middle of the axle hole to the middle of the pedal insert hole. They are infact 145mm cranks when measured correctly. As to the length issue. They will not be too long for street. Some of the world’s best street riders ride with cranks that are 150mm long! Those would be Profiles. John Childs once did a measurement of Profile cranks that are marketed as 145mm but are actualy 150mm. I would dig up that thread but I cant find it right now/am to lazy. Anyway, the 145 qu-ax cranks will be fine for street.

i did say if… i really wansnt sure. but having read that profiles were actually 150mm isntead of 145mm then i started to think that their measuring was different so the measurement could mean anything.

Thanks guys. I asked another guy and he said to just email them either before or with my order (when they come back into stock) asking if i could get it with 127s (the most ‘street-suitable’) or similar. If i can’t get the 127s i guess i’ll get used to the 145s, it’s only 2cm.