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Hi I don’t normally post here but any way. I know alot of you have qu-ax muni’s. I have got the 24" but I keep smashing my knees on the sticky out bit’s on the frame can I cut these off with out causing any real damage?

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Kannst Du mir helfen
Ich habe ein Quax 24. Leider, mein Knie schlage die Gabel. Kann ich die Gabel Knubbel abschneiden? Mit kien (ernst) Schaden ?


Entschuldigen, meine deutsch is nicht sehr gut :slight_smile:

thanks sarah


I had the same problem with the 20" I always smashed my shinbones at the frame. I don’t know if you can cut.
I just buyed an other frame.

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I own a Qu-ax Muni too. But I don´t have problems with smashing my knees, or something…

It´s my opinion, you should not cut any pieces out of your frame…

Do it like Iten and just buy another…

Like this for example


I’ve a 24" Qu-ax, too, but I touch the crown very seldom. Some weeks ago I met a guy who has the 20"-version and he told me that he cut off the bits which had no big influence on the stiffness of the frame. So if you’ve real problems with that you should consider that solution. If you should be unsuccessful nevertheless you can at least say you’ve tried it and buy another frame :wink:
But it should stand that. If you do it, please inform us about the result.

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I have the same problem, but I can`t buy a new 24" frame because the qu-ax frame ist the only one with brake adapters.


yeah i think i will cut the bit’s off i don’t have money to chuck at the muni the £170 it cost to buy nearly cleaned me out!

I’m really interested what the Qu-Ax fork looks like after having cut off the disturbing peaces.
Can you take a picture of it on the internet? That would be great!

(I’ve also got a Qu-Ax MUni - but I bought it with a different frame…)