Qu-Ax frames

Has anyone got a Qu-Ax frame? If so, what do you reckon to it? I’ve just ordered a 20" frame but don’t know what they’re like (they’re dirt cheap, so I don’t really lose either way!)

And does anyone know what’s new about the 2004 KH cranks? Is there a new hub coming out too?

And is the Sticky Fingers tyre worth getting?

Re: Qu-Ax frames

Well it looks cool on my living room floor, but seeing as how I can’t get the old tyre of my rim, I’d say that at the moment it hasn’t really proved to be value for money.

I was impressed at how quick it arrived… I think I ordered it about 4pm yesterday and the postman was banging angrily at my door about 8:30am this morning. And I didn’t even pay for priority shipping. Thanks Roger!!

The man’s fast isn’t he?! Samething happened with my Onza hub/crankset! Always when you least suspect it!

Take it to a bike shop mate! … Or you could cut it off if you don’t want it anymore… :slight_smile: Is the grippy part noticable to touch?

I think some of those guys at Einrad Forum were complaining about the frame being really wide at the top. But I think it’s still a bargain

This is a MUni Frame from Qu-ax. The wheel size for this frame is 20 inch.


Hi one wheeled stallion,

here the (outside) wide of the frames:

Qu-ax Muni: 156mm
Frame you ordered: 129mm


Managed without the bike shop, at the expense of a lot of effort, a big blister on by finger and the breaking of a set of tire levers.

The grippyness is noticable to touch, if you run your finger across the stripe you can definitately feel where the compound changes.

The stripe isn’t very consistent, if you spin the wheel it snakes left and right by about an inch.

Went out for a brief ride on it this afternoon… just to run an errand, didn’t really put it through it’s paces so I can’t make any serious comment. Seems to have a slightly different feel (in a good way), but that could just be because the old tyre was so knackered / slightly different tyre pressure / my imaginatation.

Thanks a lot guys! My frame arrived today! (Thanks Roland!) It was a bit of tight on the Onza hub, but now fits thanks to a little ‘persuasion’! Looks fantastic and feels really strong, so I may get on for my 24" Muni! Unis look great with thicker seatposts! I’ll have to get around to whacking some photos up for you to see- how do you go about putting them into a gallery??