Qu-ax frame fit question.

I’m going to revamp my old nonsplined trials uni, and I’m looking at the qu-ax hub as the cheapest splined hub on unicycle.com. My question is which frames this will fit, since there are problems with the KH and Profile not working together. My current trials frame is a round crown united frame, and I think it works witht the profile hub.

SO, will my frame work?

I think that even if the hub doesn’t quite fit, you can bend the frame to make it fit.

correct me if i’m wrong, someone.

well, i was wondering more in the terms of bearing sizes being available.

I don’t have a caliper here but with a ruler I can tell you that the outside diameter of the bearings is 1 5/8".
From inside of bearing to inside of bearing across the hub it’s 3 1/2".
From outside to outside it’s 4 3/8".

If there’s anything else you want me to measure just let me know.

btw my uni is a 05 model Qu-Ax 24" muni. (10 splined)

thanks, that’s about what I needed.

The Qu-Ax and Torker frames/bearings are compatible, if that tells you anything.

didn’t torker have like problems with bearings being available?

I seem to remember something like that. If I have to I could get a different frame, i suppose…

At least the Qu-Ax hub is good value for money. I’ve taken it through hell and back, and still nothing wrong with it! Big drops, big hops, big gaps, it’ll stand up to just about anything.