Qu-Ax Eleven saddle?

Hey folks, I’m in desperate need to upgrade the saddle on my 36er. The current one has way too much curvature. After about 3 miles in the saddle my man parts are literally numb. I was considering the KH Zero, but I’m a little leery of investing that much money without having even tried it before. After some Googling, I stumbled upon the Qu-Ax Eleven saddle. I really like the look and price of it, but I can’t find any decent reviews of it.

Are any of you using it, or have experience with it? What are your thoughts? Please, any info or opinions on it that you have to share will be greatly appreciated.

Have you considered flattening your own saddle? You may be pleasantly surprised by the results. (Use the search function for flat saddle threads.) I have flattened saddles on both unicycles that I ride the most, and am very happy with them. One I flattened myself, and one was flattened when I bought it. (They’re not completely flat, just a lot less curved than before.)
Good luck!
(BTW, UDC is close to having their own flattened saddle in stock, from what we hear from Roger at UDC-UK. You may want to check those out.)

Quax Eleven is great

I just received a Quax Eleven saddle a few days ago because I was in the exact same boat as you were with my 36er saddle. I tried the KH zero but I slide off of it and it feels like your sitting on a 2x4. I have only ridden on the quax eleven a few times but I have found that it is very comfortable. I know a couple of people that absolutely love it and can ride forever on it. It is not the most flat saddle, actually almost the same exact curvature as the KH street saddle, but it has a different kind of foam. The base of it is more dense so you don’t sink into it preventing numbness. I rode for 7 miles yesterday and felt fine. It also has a thinned center to eliminate chafing. I like it so far and for the price you might too.

I love my Eleven, it’s a really great saddle.

I ride a Quax Eleven for unicycle hockey. I love it. Much better than the nimbus gel. It does have a slightly firmer foam and I think slightly narrower at the thinnest point.

Seems to be a great saddle so far. Thanks for the input so far everyone. Please feel free to share, if anyone else has more input.

What about putting a kh handlebar and metal plate on it?
Is it compatible?

It’s the exactly same saddle base, so it definitely should.

The mounting plate for mine is selfmade, but the KH shall not be so different.

I bought a Qx Eleven a little under a year ago. I didn’t love it at the time (too firm compared to my KH Fusion Freeride), but I think with more use it gets more comfy.
Anyway, I just removed the yellow stitches from the sides. So much smoother now.

Didn`t @Becky98 (Qu-ax teamrider) recommend it?

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Sure, she did:

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Yep, she did. Though, I have to say, the fusion free ride was definitely more comfortable from the get go. This saddle is not as comfy to start with, but I think as you use it, it gets more comfortable.

The fusion free ride is great though IMO, from day one to forever.