qu-ax crossfire, torker DX, or nimbus trials

wats better? the $260 DX or the $280 qu-ax crossfire or teh nimbus trials (not SE) for $230. my budget is $300 so which one of these unicycles should i get? i just wanna do some street, trials, and a little freestyle.

dont want the SE edition cause it has a rounded frame


I would go with the new Nimbus Trials.

yeah the nimbus isis is the best with the exception of the rim. but that shouldnt really be a problem

I would go with the quax. its a great uni. and in due time you could get some new cranks. you dont need a new hub because the red one and the yellow one are the same. Egon told me. And it has a nice saddle. And actually the nimbus and the quax cranks are similar they are both not the greatest cranks. And id say quax has a better reputation. I think.

plus 48 spokes over 36

48 spokes is extra weight.

I ride a qu-ax and I love it. But with this new nimbus on the market, I have to say it is a better deal.

ya well 48 spokes is stronger

As I’ve said before the yellow hub is much stronger than the red.

Acording to MDC
" For heavier, more extreme riding we recommend buying the Qu-ax Muni with the stronger splined hub."
" It is not suitable for serious jumping as only has lightweight ISIS hub and cranks, for extreme jumping look at our unicycles with splined hubs."
Slightly different uni, but same hub.

This uni has the new strong ISIS yellow hub

  1. so is the DX out of the question
  2. idc about the price. which is stornger, the qu-ax or the nimbus?
  3. whats wrong w/ the cranks/hub, i dont understand.
  4. which will live the strongest drops w/o breaking

the dx is crap compared to what else is on the market. just get the nimbus, easier to get replacement parts and if you wanna upgrade rims you don’t have to be limited to like two different choices like if it had 48 holes.

DX is still there. The wheelset has been tested for years, and only a very few have ever been broken.

Strength wise, I dont know. I have never heard of the Qu-Ax hub ever breaking, or bending, even after being ridden by Joe Hodges, who has broke everything else. And if the Nimbis ISIS hub is the same strength as the KH hub, which I also havent heard of ever breaking (hasnt been out as long as Qu-Ax though lol), I would say the two unis will hold up equally well.

Nothing is wrong with the hubs. If you go with the Qu-Ax, just go with the yellow hub, and not take a chance with what could be a weaker red hub.

I cant tell which one will hodl up the best. I personally have rode the DX, and took it down big sets and drops. Holds up great. I havent rode the crossfire, but I have rode the regular Qu-Ax, and took it down some big drops as well. That feels more solid than the DX. I ahvent rode the NImbus either, but if it is same design and material as the KH Moments, which I am riding right now, they will hold up really well too.

Whats wrong with the rim? It’s a rebranded '06 KH rim.

The crank length is the real problem if you want to be doing trials. UDC better have been smart enough to make a 140mm length avaliable if you want to switch them out in your order.

Ya that was the old yellow hub. The new one is the same as the red one except that the new yelllow hub one has better cranks a better seatpost and a better rim.

Man I think Egon knows what he is talking about.

i htink i might just og w/ a DX cause i’ve heard good things from it and i’ll be familiar with a torker.

Do what you want the nimbus is probably still the best.

def qu-ax…alot butter quality. i have a dx and im going to get a better one…get the qu-ax

ya quax is really good quality my friends got a dx20 and i can feel such a difference. mine is alot lighter.

So go for the Quax or the Nimbus