qu-ax cross?

has anyone used the cross before? i was trying to purchase the trials uni, but they are all out of them. so the guy referred me to the cross. is this thing garbage or what?

It’s a great Unicycle for the price. I bought a 24" Cross in December last year and have been using it soley for MUni. The only damage inflicted on it has been a bent crank, so I would suggest possibly upgrading the cranks to KH Moments. Having said that though it may not be necessary depending on your weight. I’m 100kg (220 pounds) and do single tracks with a lot of drops and it takes the punishment.

If you have the extra cash I would recommend going for the Qu-Ax MUni as it will take anything you could throw at it.

I don’t think you will regret getting the Qu-Ax Cross.

i think i might just wait till i can get the muni. is the cross rim not narrower?

The Cross rim is not narrower, just not as strong as the MUni rim. My Cross has the DX-38 rim, the MUni (which a friend has) has the DB-45 rim. Both 48 spoke.