Qu-Ax Cross vs Qu-Ax Trials...what is the 100$ difference?

honestly, what is going on?


and this


the cross actually looks better. and yet it is 100 bucks less. the only thing is the seat has no lift handle on it, just a bumper.
so what am i missing?

The Qu-Ax ISIS hub isn’t reinforced - it has the interface but not the strength of other ISIS hubs. There are warnings about this on some of the UDC sites, but I don’t remember which. There was a forum topic on the red Qu-Ax hub awhile ago; try using the forum search.

ok, i did that, and i get that it is not as strong as the yellow hub, but i only weigh like 110 lbs, and dont really do big drops…yet :wink: so, does anyone know of its actual strenght?

edit: just weighed myself, im gettin fat, i just weighed in at 119

The Trials cranks/hub (yellow hub) will hold up to any any size drop you could ever do. The cross cranks/hub, not so much.

I agree with you on this forrest. I think quality may play a role somehow too. I might be wrong about that. :thinking:

Since you’re so light I’d guess you could do drops up to four stairs, w/ a good roll out.

On justonewheel.com the price diff is the same as if you got the cross and then the yellow hub, if you broke the red, than if you bought the trials strieght away. I think the trials also comes with a stronger rim than the cross.

Some people will disagree w/ me but I think the yellow hub is the strongest you can get, but a bit heavier, because of the 48 spokes.