Qu-ax Cross 29"

Did you see the new cross - finally they made 29" :slight_smile:

Anyone got it already?

What I find interesting is the seatpost on it, its reinforced with a gusset. Do any of their other unis come with this post?

The new ISIS 20" comes with the same seatpost http://qu-ax.de/de/produkte/gelaende-einraeder/Muni-20

no way thats the seatpost u had at BUC07 dustin! i noticed that as well.

I thought u’d just welded it cause u got bored of breaking it.

That was Tristans and it was welded because, as you put it, he was bored of breaking it. Tristans seat post is steel, the Qu-ax seatpost is aluminium.

What I find interesting is that the 29" is 100€ cheaper than the 36". Is 7" really worth 100€?

I guess you’re paying for the non-standard size, the rims are much more expensive to produce, the spokes are also quite expensive, I remember when building my airfoil the spokes were like 50 euro, while 29er spokes are very common. Also, please note that the tire’s are VERY expensive! You can’t compare the 2 unicycles, one is a crosscountry machine, the other is road.

I’m just deciding if its worth to pay 300€ for more speed and looking more cool, or pay 200€ to look no that cool and be a bit slower

For roadriding I really suggest a 36er, if you’re doing muni or XC then get a 29er. The 36" is worth it

I’m still deciding between a 36" and a BC wheel. Both of them look fun:D

i just got it yesterday and it’s perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you kidding me? 36"!

Yes, but I need someone to accompany me on the road. Sadly, no unicyclists live near me. Even someone on a bike would be hard to find