Qu-ax cross-29 with kh seat and nimbus pedals

I’m selling my qu-ax cross 29" painted in red with kh seat and red nimbus DX alu pedals.

The unicycle is in good conditions and located in Aachen.

I preffer if you can come to pick it up.

Te price is 200€

Price is negotiable and I can send it.

we will not negotiate with terrorists

200€ for the both ?

and could you ship to canada

Hullois, I sell only the red one

Any offer?

Ist das eine Pulverbeschichtung?

Es ist diese beschichtung

I’m interested.
Do you have any brake to go with it?

I’d need to know the shipping rates to 32100, Belluno, Italy. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: what tire does it use and how much remaining tread does it have?

On monday i’ll be back home and i’ll send you photos of the tire and ask for the shiping costs.


Here are the pictures

Hi, I saw your message, thanks.

Does it have a 2.4" wheel or a 3" wheel?


here is all the information http://www.qu-ax.com/en/products/all-terrain-unicycles/muni/Muni-29

Hi, sorry, I was looking for something fatter, at least 2.4", better 3".

Thanks anyway, good luck with the sale.

2.4" on a 29er is easy to do because there is a lot of different tyres available and I think the Qu-ax frame has enough clearance (I went from a Kenda Klaw 2.1 to a WTB Exiwolf 2.3 in my 2005 KH frame).

As for 3", there is only Surly making this size of tyre and there is few 29er frames that can accept it (you usually have to go with a 36er frame). The size+weight+feel make it a ride that is different from the usual 3" people know and love on a 26er or 24er.

A lot of people interested but no one decided yet.

I hear reasonable offers.

Interested, but shipping costs to the US would likely push the costs too high.

That’s possible :wink:

As I’ll be leaving germany soon, I have a discount the unicycle + some tools and protections for 175€