qu-ax creak

The left crank on my recently bought 24" splined muni has started creaking.

I tried tightening, which stopped it for a bit.
Then i tried taking off, cleaning, putting back on and tightening, which stopped it for even less time.
Then i tried taknig it off, cleaning, applying blue loctite, tightening and leaving it overnight, which started it creaking again almost straight away.

How much loctite should i be using? What should I clean the surfaces with and which surfaces should I be applying the loctite to? The raised splines on the hub or what? Should I be putting loctite on the bolt that holds the crank on that goes through the hub and the bolt that tightens the crank to the hub too?

Right crank is fine, but i think i must put more weight on my left crank when hopping etc. Any ideas?

on a splined crank use Bullshot or Finish Line grease… no need for loctite on a splined crank.

if the creak continues, its inside the hub shell.

PS, tighten crank bolt first, then the pinch bolt.

more creaking

Thanks for the tips. Ive greased up the splines and tightened everything but im still getting a creak.

Im not sure now whether its coming from the cranks or not, could it be the bearing holders? How tight should these be?

Re: more creaking

The bearing holders should be tight enough to be snug but not so tight that they bind the bearings. It’s a fine line between snug and too tight. It is very easy to overtighten the bearing holders.

The noise could also be coming from the spokes creaking and rubbing against each other. Try putting a little grease where the spokes cross each other. If the noise is from the spokes it is a sign that the spokes need to be properly tensioned and stress relieved. If that’s the problem then take the wheel to a good bike shop that likes to build wheels and have them tighten all of the spokes. Wheels built on an assembly line are often not tensioned and stress relieved properly so they need a little TLC from your local wheel builder to make them good.

creaking gone (for now)

Thanks for all the help.

Looks like it was the bearing holders. After the creaking started it tried tightening them and it looks like i actually bent bottom parts of the housing by tightening too much. Taking them off, cleaning up the bearings (which had got a bit of rust on them), greasing everything up, bending the holders back into shape using a impact adjustment tool (hammer) and putting everything back together seems to have stopped the creak.

Those bearing holders dont seem very sturdy though, the lollipop ones on my old pashley, which everyone says are rubbish, look a lot stronger and less likely to cause this kind of thing. In any rate i think i might try and find some nylon tubes or something to put on the bolts in the gap between the top and bottom bearing holder pieces. At least that would stop me bending them again and would take some crushing pressure off the bearings. Anyone have any ideas of something i could use for that?


Please put me in the “not rubbish” camp. My Pashley 26" MUni with a Gazz 26x2.6, after upgrading just about everything :D, is a really nice machine. I haven’t had any problems with the bearing holders. They are a little fiddly, as are the main-cap style, and the Miyata style, but they are definitely not rubbish. And they house the bearings perfectly. Some of the more modern frame designs do a “main cap” much better and seem to combine the best of the main cap and the lollipop designs. They are more like a split lollipop and are more convenient, but still house the bearings nicely.

David Bagley, known as UW here, puts dense rubber washers between those arms on his Sem 2-wheeler. They seemed to have worked wonders for the two-wheeler, and he is getting quite good on it, practicing regularly. So you might have the same experience with a normal frame.