Qu-Ax Cranks for Muni

Just ordered my Nimbus II and I’m stoked! Only problem is I just realized they come with the Qu-Ax cranks. They look pretty substantial to me but from what I’ve read they’re absolute garbage and will bend easily. How true is this?
I’ve been doing some Muni on my Torker LX and those cranks held up fine, if I do similar things will these cranks hold up?
Lastly, I eventually plan to upgrade to moments or ventures, are the Moments going to stay at their current price forever ($55) or are they going to go back up?

When I got my 26 Qu-ax Muni, It came with the same alu cranks. I had a feeling that they will not hold up, so I replaced them with the Bomb Proof Qu-ax Cr-Mo cranks.

A fair few people ride the Qu-Ax isis cranks and if you are not doing drops then they should be fine and will save 200g over the Moments which are bombproof but designed to cope with the most extreme drops by the top Trials riders but for many MUni riders they are overkill.

I would ride them and IF you do bend them replace them with some moments otherwise don’t worry about it

Ok, cool. Thanks guys!

And does anybody know how long the $50 price for Moments is going to last?

I think that UDC is trying to clear out those cranks to make room for the new series of moments. There have been some pictures leaked somewhere. The new ones are supposed to be more acomodating to the disk brake, lighter and for sure more expensive. :roll_eyes:
So I think that the $50 dollar sale will last until they’re gone. Also right now when you order a uni you can add moments for free, or dual hole for $13!