Qu-AX Crank lenght to frikking long

I have a problem, I wanted to buy the Nimbus hoppley frome unicycle.com because of the shorter cranks. BUT it disappeared so I was looking at the qu-ax trials but I really don’t want the 145mm cranks I don’t like them that long. AND I can’t buy anything shorter for the qu-ax at least from unicycle.com. so does anyone know where I can buy 127mm cranks for the qu-ax or buy the nimbus hoppley :thinking: .

Or any other sugestions.

PLEASE I NEED SOME HELP. Many different suggestions welcom:D

P.S. I DON’T want a Kris Holm YET because it’s made of alluminum wich I will probably end up destroying in the learning process. At least my dad says (he’s a structural engineer) I will destroy it faster then the steel one.

There used to be 127mm cranks on UDC, are they gone?

As for alluminum, the KH is a beast. Don’t worry about it, it’s plenty strong. You couldn’t POSSIBLY break it just by learning on it. Unless you are going to be learning 7 foot drops.

i went from a unicycle w/ 127mm cranks to the qu-ax w/ the 145mm’s…its really no big deal…i can hardly tell the difference. I can’t land any flip tricks anyway though. But i’m sure the difference is very minimal…even if u wanted to land flip tricks…its only 20mms. The extra length makes it significantly easier to ride and balance on rails etc. I couldn’t ride backwards until i got the qu-ax…and i could do it almost instantly

fixed it:)

dude, you won’t break a KH for learning. especially if it’s the new one.
he uses top of the line aluminum(i think it’s called 7075) and the frames are practically indestructable + super duper friking light.

also, 137mm is slightly smaller than 140 mm, which is a great size. you couldn’t probably feel the difference, but I bet it helps a litl bit.

Your Dad should know that Aluminum is very strong if you build it right.

Most cranks and hubs are made from aluminum… if they’re not aluminum it’s usually forged/cast steel, which is actually weaker from my experience.

I don’t understand the reasoning… If you are learning than aren’t you not going to be doing massive 10 foot drops, so the uni should be perfectly fine?

And besides how much does you dad even know about the construction of bikes or unicycles?

It will take years of repeated abuse on hardcore Muni trials where you are constantly doing drops or years of over head drops just to fatigue the KH frame. Breaking it is out of the question specially if you gonna be learning on it.

I cant help about the cranks or the Hoppley. I ride with 145s and I love them, I can still get plenty of speed compared to the riders that have 127s on their unis, I have perfect leverage for jumping and control on skinnys.

Thanks for all the help now I’m leaning more twoards the KH uni because of all that you said.

And for the breaking stuff i’m conserned about not making a jump or something and landing on it sideways on a bench and snapping it. So let me just get this straight you all think that the KH frame IS better than the Qu-ax Frame. And WILL last the longest.

What does UDC mean and yes the 127mm are gone. The biggest thing that I’m worrying about is that when I put my 6" cranks on my 20" uni and turn it’s really hard to pervent my pedals from hitting the ground wich is supper annoying. The 6" are only 7mm longer then the 145. Any imput on this.

Maybe I can talk my dad into the nicer Uni (He said something about a new one for Christmas):D:) :smiley:

the kh frame IS the best
it WILL last the longest

you WILL not break it.

landing sideways on a bench and snapping it? HA, you’ve got no chance.

you’ll break bones before the frame.

UDC = unicycle.com.

your 6" cranks are 152mm. that’s too long for a 20 inch(19?) wheel. most trials unis have long cranks for stability and leverage. lots of people who do street stuff prefer 127s. most freestyle unis use 125s or less.

I have the 145’s on my Qu-Ax trials. It doesn’t bother me at all, though I would prefer shorter ones. I’m just used to them.

yea the KH is stronger…but you won’t break the Qu-Ax either…and its cheaper.

Thanks alot for your help:D But I do belive I’m going to go with the Qu-ax mainly because it’s cheaper and I feel better about it for some reason and I wan’t to get something I want. Maybe I’ll get the 2008 KH or something like that :sunglasses: .

On the Qu-AX website it has cranks for the uni but you can’t buy them directly from them. Anyone know if my local bike store can order them or something like that?

Sorry to thread jack, but where did you get 145mm DX cranks??? :thinking:

I have a Quax 24 with the 3 inch Duro tire and 170s. If you want to check out the quality of the product and test ride/borrow it for a week you are welcome. Its a real bulldozer, definitely quite a bit different from a 20 with short cranks.
I live in Wichita just west of the zoo.

P.S. I’m AM going to be learning 10’ drops on this I alredy know how to ride.

Sorry, normally people don’t refer to 10’ drops as part of ‘the learning process’.

Yeah, you just said that you didnt want to destroy the KH frame IN THE LEARNING PROCESS (not that you would) and then you said that you could already ride and that you will be learning 10’ drops.

the kh alumiun frame will be much stronger than a cheep steal frame, like the nimbus ect. but a really good cro-moly frame will ride better and be stronger than a Alu.

also. I know that atleast on a bike, and alu frame, if ridden long can have an expected life of five years. I dont know if its more or less on a unicycle.

I’ve heard really good things about the nimbus frame is it a crappy frame or something?