Qu Ax Chromoly 145mm Cranks

Must be in good condition, send me a pm, have some other cranks that I could use in trade of I can buy them outright for $$

Only interested in the chromoly street cranks.


The price is a bit steep but if you’re looking for new ones: http://www.goudurix.com/us/cranks-cromo-145mm-isis-paire.html

Yeah, I can order them new, UDC UK has them and that’s what I’m looking at doing, nice cranks, very durable, no crank creep which is why I want get a set. I have the 170’s and they are awesome, but a little long for me these days. The Koxx are pretty nice too, a tad more durable than Moments or Ventures, but for the same price I can get the steel QuAx.

So, you ready for your grab handle? :slight_smile: