QU-AX Black Beauty Pedals-202g!

Has anyone heard of the quality of these pedals? In particular, the ti-axle ones? I couldn’t find any mtb platform pedals that lightweight. These suckers are 199 euros (about $270) on http://www.einradladen.com/webshop/QX-Series-Black-Beauty-Pedals-Titan.

Here is a link to the pedals:



Ouch, ill take that with the carbon seatpost and titanium frame bolts that QuAx also sells…

QuAx are big in europe but almost non existent in the US. The old stuff was heavy and pretty much bulletproof but the company is now going in for serious lightening, and the occasional crazy thing.

Edit: Oh yeah, and TI expensive: http://www.goudurix.com/us/crank-qx-series-black-beauty-ti.html
IMO pedals take too much damage to warrant a purchase like that

I think I agree with you. But the words “202 grams” are very lovely. :wink: Too bad I’m broke. And too bad they don’t come in purple.

Purple is my favorite color.

You just made it heavier! :roll_eyes:

How about these pedals at 190g

Btw those Quax pedals can be purchased from goudurix in canada here.

Are you going to spray paint your oracle frame?

Maybe. But not at first. What scheme and pattern is yet to be determined. I like for my frames to have bright color for when I lose them off a cliff or into bushes.