Qu-Ax Beginners Trials Unicycle???

I’ve been unicycling for a while now and have decided it’s time to start trials unicycling.

I don’t have much to spend and am thinking of getting the new quax beginners trials unicycle.

Can anyone suggest something different or write your opinions of the qu-ax.

P.S. I won’t be doing extreme trials (only small things).



…Another option would be the nimbus trials unicycle

If you go with either of those, you go with the qu-ax. Only because its splined and the nimbus wont last. Only bad thing is the qu-ax there is more of a nice freestyle/street machine. If you go with qu-ax for trials, get the real trials uni with a 2.5 tire and all that. Sure, you can do trials on that one, but it will be better on the heavier duty one cause its made specificaly for trials.

you could get a 2005 torker DX, i think … www.bicyclesource.us
its a little heavier, and the frame may break eventually, but it has a lifetime warranty and will be replaced

EDIT: ahh, sorry dude, they are out of them.

The Quax he linked to is not splined.

The Qu-Ax line is kind of confusing now.

Yellow hub trials: New or old, same strong 10 spline

[B]Old red hub /B trials: Real trials rim and tire (19" mod trials rim and tire), square taper hub and cranks

[B]New in 2006, red hub /B: 20" BMX rim, ISIS splined hub (much lighter, and cranks are stronger then swuare taper, but the axle itself is hollow and not as strong as the yellow ten spline) This is the one David H linked to, it is ISISsplined.

Forrest sumed it up.

The qu’ax i was talking about isn’t splined, i think i’m going to go with the nimbus because the qu’ax model doesn’t have a proper trials tire or rim.

Does anyone have any thoughts about the nimbus trials uni for street riding?

Yes it is. ISIS is a splined interface, so it must have splined cranks. It’s the lightweight hub and cranks, so might be not way stronger than square taper though.

If you’re only going to be doing small things, either will probably be fine. Having said that though, everyone I know who got a trials for only doing small stuff got bored of it and started riding muni instead.

I dunno, but it might be nice to get the qu-ax, but with the Onza Onza Sticky Fingers 20" trials tyre instead, although having said that I’ve got absolutely no idea as to how the 20" creepy crawler is as a trials tyre.

Your best bet though is to phone Roger at unicycle.com rather than ask on here, as he’ll know what all the options are, also he probably knows what your style of riding is if you go to Stockton club.


just go w/ that one

Unicycle.com says:

So is it splined or not?

I still think the nimbus will be better because unicycle.com says that it is entry level.


Yep it’s splined. It’s a lightweight splined hub which will be not as strong as the heavier splined hubs, but may be stronger than the square taper hub on the Nimbus. Unicycle.com might know if you ask them.

Entry level means the same thing as beginner. Either of these unicycles will probably break if you do big drops.

Phone up unicycle.com, he’ll tell you which of these two is best for your riding style, and you’ll avoid ending up with a unicycle which is comparatively junk like the old Qu-ax you’ve linked in the other thread.


So what would you say about getting the 07 beginners qu-ax and a maxis creepy crawler tire? for £138?



If you are going to be doing mainly street, leave that tire on there and try it out. Who knows, you might end up liking it.

A true trials tire (like the Maxxis creepy crawler) will not fit on a true 20" rim.

If you are already willing to spend a bit more for the tire, you may aswell just go right on ahead and get a qu-ax trials for 175, which is only 27 pounds more than what you were looking at. It is way better than the beginner trials and not that much more.

For 55 pounds, you get a 19 inch tire and rim, and a much stronger hub with stronger cranks.

Just to clarify further, there are actually THREE different versions of the entry level Qu-ax that I know of

version 1: 19" rim with a 19x2.5" trials tyre, red square taper hub
version 2: 19" rim with a 19x2.5" trials tyre, red ISIS hub
version 3: 20" rim with a 20x2.25" tyre, red ISIS hub

Regarding compatibility:
As already pointed out, tyres designed for 19" rims are NOT interchangeable with tyres designed for 20" rims. You will not be able to run a high volume 19x2.5" trials tyre on a 20" rim.

Also note that not all ISIS drives are created equal. The ISIS hub used on the entry level Qu-ax has a larger diameter hole for the crank bolts than the KH ISIS hubs use. This means the hub has less metal and is weaker than the KH. You can still mount other ISIS cranks (eg KH Moment or Onza Tensile) though.

The yellow Qu-ax splined hubs (aka thumper) are not ISIS but they do have a small diameter hole for the cranks bolts. This means the hub has more metal and should be much stronger than the red hub. Both hubs are splined but the yellow Qu-ax hub is designed for high end use while the red hub is for entry level riders.

We’ve been testing a red Qu-ax ISIS hub and haven’t managed to break it yet. It remains to be seen how much abuse it will stand up to.

Does that mean it’s stronger than the square taper hubs then?



my nimbus holds up tothis and it is still… in really bad shape. But it is rideable.

Ah, I wasn’t aware that they had out a 19" trials (they call it Cross) with the red ISIS hub. If they are actually selling those, then that would definitly be the best choice out of the three.

Regarding the strength of the red “cross” ISIS hub and cranks: The cranks themselves should be stronger then square taper, square cranks have a habit of stripping out either the cranks or the axle.
However as mentioned above, the axle itself is hollow and has less metal, so it is not as strong as ISIS hubs such as Koxx or KH. Compared to square axles, they shouldn’t break the ends of the axle were the crank meets the axle, but hard impacts may cuase failure closer inside the wheel.

I hope that actually makes sense. I haven’t gotten a chance to test out my cross ISIS uni’s yet as far as strength is concerend.