QU-AX at guilfest

I was walking around guilfest earlyer today, there were a few people on uni about. All of them were just the cheep festival type. But then I randomly saw a QU-AX trials lying against a caravan. Just wondering if there is anybody here who rides seriously in guildford?

The Qu-ax probably belonged to Lucas unless there were two, I took my 36er out for a spin but only late at night, or when popping into town. My kids were on 20" KEG’s, in the kids procession, the younger also rode over to watch Madness tonight.

The only cheap festival Uni’s I was were by the shops.

ah right

it could have been mine but there was a cross trials at fire toys, but mine was a yellow hub one, were you riding?
afro steve is in guilford other than that theres plenty within short train journey

yeah it had a yellow hub/ pedals. No, I wassen’t alowed to ride :frowning: