Qu-Ax and Odyssey A-Brake?

Anyone know if an Odyssey A-Brake will fit the Qu-Ax 24 MUni with the cantilever mounts? Will it clear the tire and if so, does that MX8 rim suck for a braking surface? I could always trade out the rim and re-lace the 48 for 36 anyway, right? Erg, lots of questions, thanks all.


Re: Qu-Ax and Odyssey A-Brake?


What tire are you using? Clearance can be tight, depending on how tall your tire is. The 24x3 Gazzaloddi are the tallest of the 3 inch tires I think, so if you’re running a different tire, you might be alright.

I’m not sure about the braking surface on your rim, but you can not just trade out the rim and re-lace a 36 in place of a 48. I’m using an Alex DX32 rim without the machined braking surface and the braking is getting better with time.


ryan, its mark. i’ve seen your muni. i don’t know about that brake but the magura’s should be fine. also the surface should be fine as long as its been machined/definished.

Hey thanks guys. (nice hearin from ya again Mojoe) (Mark, as well).

I am running a gazz… so shucks.

And as for Maguras… they cost a little money… Odyssey A’s are only 25 bucks on EBay.

Anyway, thanks guys (let’s see… if GB4 and fluff reply we’ll have almost all the unicyclists in Iowa… (not really)).

Sorry to dissapoint you… but GB4 moved out to Colorado last week, so he’s no longer an Iowan unicyclist. :frowning:

Although he does partake in some ‘Iowa Ice Silo Climbing’;

Oh and keep your eyes peeled on eBay for cheap Maguras. I bought mine for like $30 new on eBay. They’re not the HS33’s, but they work nicely. Mine are an older model with a plastic brake lever, but I think they have the same calipers. If I ever break the plastic lever, I’ll replace it with a HS33 lever.

Here’s a pic of my cheap-o Magura…



Just found some on ebay… from a unicyclist no less.


or these non-Magura hydros…