Qu-ax Alu hub

hey i couldnt find anything about this anywhere else so whats the largest tire you can fit on the Qu-ax aluminium frame?? and would the KH 2006 moment hub fit on the the Koxx-1 orrange Bud frame?

Crap I ment Frame instead of Hub in the Title

the tyre width doesnt matter i dont think, for me the frame came with spacers which just mean that it fits round the cranks or something i dont know.

on mdc it says that the monty 2.7" fits in Koxx/qu-ax/kh and nimbus II frames… so u’ll be fine with either frame.

the koxx one frames (orange bud/DH and devil crmo) all fit on 42mm bearings so the moment hubs :stuck_out_tongue:

the qu-ax frame has loads of differnt spacers to fit different hubs… so u’ll have to see with someone else.

Good job on changing that monty frame ! Cause damit thats an annoying frame.


Any tire width you want. KH isis hub bearings are 42 mm and I believe Koxx-1 frame is set up for that as well, so nothing. If I’m wrong about that you’ll need spacers like Lucas said.

The 20" Qu-Ax frame fits all the trial tires, I think the 24" Qu-Ax frame has trouble fitting a Gazz tire but it has been done, the moment hub will fit any trial frame, they’re all 42mm bearings and 100mm wide (bearing to bearing) .

ok thanks woooo new frame here i come :smiley:

also, isis hubs don’t fit in the qu-ax frame.

He’s right, if you were planning on building up an ISIS setup you can’t with the Qu-ax Alu frame.

I have the Qu-ax frame and was planning on getting the Koxx hub and cranks, but because ISIS drive is tapered they won’t fit!

I went with the KH/Onza hub and cranks, they have twisted already, and im hardly a hardcore rider!

As for having trouble with a Gazz in the 24", I had no problems whatsoever. There is zero clearance for mud/stones though!

Don’t let me put you off though, this frame rocks, and its stiff as hell!

Rock on!

which one did you go for?