Qu-Ax 48 hole hub for a 26" wheel???

Hey, Obie gave me the lead of trying BTI - BTI
They have a 24" 48 hole Halo Combat SAS Rim.
You can the put your zip code into their store locator and it will give you a LBS to order it from. The first one I called could get it.
So now all of us with Torker DX hubs with that crappy narrow rim have a source.
Thanks Obie

Awesome! Thanks pdc, and thank Obie for me!

I punched in my zip code and walla!..every friggin bike shop in this city came up as a distributor. Imagine that?

Same price as you pointed out. $65. What sucks is we have 9.25% tax so it’ll be over $70.

Called my local shop and asked him if he can get the Halo rim from BTI. Not only can he…but he already hooked me up and it’s on the way! I told him yesterday I’d keep looking, but he found a a Halo to just go ahead and get one. AND…

He did the measurements, and ordered me a set of DT Swiss black 14g spokes with brass nipples.

I’ll probably place an order for the Yuni frame today, too. Unicycle.com has the black powdered coated one I think will round out this package quite nicely.

Hmm…now just need a tire. Got a yellow hub, white rim, red KH seat…maybe a green tire?

Get a blue tire. It will be more patriotic.:slight_smile:

Hey now that’s a great idea! Then maybe green shoes :slight_smile:

Ah. Rainbow Jombo.

I predict more ‘clown’ comments on the trails.

I’m gonna have to start wearing black and chrome just to offset you, J.

Yeah, then I need to get some cool sportswear so I look all professional and competitive.

Black and chrome has that mysterious look to it. Just be sure its not black and blue…folks might get the wrong idea. The big crashes are reserved for me.

On another note…

I took that Nimbus 24" burnt up frame and put it on my wheel. Originally, I had taken my Yuni 26" frame off to see just how bent or twisted it is/was. Well…I can’t tell but I can’t answer why the left side keeps pushing the bearing out to the inside wall of that crank arm.

So I took the Nimbus frame and compared them…then out of kicks put it on my wheel. It fits! Not only is there plenty of clearance for a 26" but it is certainly wider for accepting fat tires. I’m going to hold off ordering a new Yuni frame until I build this new wheel. I got two frames and I still haven’t been convinced they’re not usable.

However, the problem still exists…I rode maybe 50 yards and the crank was binding again. It is no doubt that hub and axle that’s out of whack.

I don’t suppose that buckle in the hub flange has anything to do with it, eh? Er…um, perhaps the wobble in the wheel itself.

Sounds like the bearing is slipping on the hub. You can fix that with Loctite Sleeve Retainer. This thread explains the process: moving my bearing

Thanks! I read through the other thread.

I was actually working on this yesterday thinking of a way that would keep that bearing from sliding. Ever since it happened the first time, I chalked it up to pieces and parts being bent.

I put a new set of Lasco crank arms on just before the annual Wolfman Duathalon here in Memphis. After the race, a good 1/32 - 1/16 inch of the alluminum and grinded off from the frame rubbing against it.

I’ll stop by a auto parts store today and pick up some Loctite Sleeve Retainer.

The hub flanges are bent, and the wheel does a considerable wobble, but if I can keep that bearing on, its something I can ride until I get this other one put together.