Qu-ax 36" vs. Coker 36"

Right, im quite new to this, but with full honesty, what unicycle do you recon is best for proper hard long distances-- the qu-ax 36" (with brake) or a coker??

From what I’ve read, 48 spokes is overkill on a 36’er

Unless you plan on doing some pretty gnarly stuff with it, 36 spokes and a square taper hub should suffice.

you can’t put a brake on the qu-ax. the rim’s surface isn’t brake friendly. I’d go with the coker.

That’s odd, the Qu-Ax site clearly shows the 36" with a brake http://www.qu-ax.de/en/products/Unicycles/standard1/36

i have the qu-ax 36 and love it.


what about the nimbus 36er with new tyre and rim?
im going to get a 36er but cant decide either

I would of suggested the nimbus but its out of my price range, thats why I asked between the coker vs. qu-ax.
Also does anyone know if the qu-ax comes with the brake shown?

it must have changed then.

i have a qu-ax, installed my own break. You do get qu-axs with the break now. mine is an older model.

Mine came with the brake

Thinking back, I would have rather gone for the Qu-ax. Stronger wheel, better made frame, ISIS.

which 36er

did you decide on which to buy?

Qu-Ax 36", with Nimbus Nightrider tyre, Nimbus Stealth rim, Nimbus ISIS wide flange hub, T7 Touring handle, and 125mm cranks.

Coker have 48 spokes too