QU-AX 36" TOP shape

I am oferring my QU-AX 36"
It is in very good shape, no more than 100 km. Looks like new. New sadle Kris Holm Fusion Freeride.
As bonus I will add brand new Kris Holm T-Bar Touring Handle ( http://www.einradladen.com/webshop/Kris-Holm-T-Bar-Touring-Handle )
I have no time to use it :frowning:
Price 250 EUR + shipping

images here:

That’s a really cool ride. Very classic looking. I love the canti brake. Kinda sad it’s not in the US.

how much is the shipping to italy?

shipping to Italy is max 45 €

Just bought exactly the same for 200€ in France (with 145 cranks on it + 125 cranks as a bonus), except that the isis is black, pedals are chromed and that the t-bar was not provided, so we are talking about the same range of prices, which is way lower that what you have to pay for a brand new 36er with a KH saddle and some brakes.
This is obviously my first 36er.

Up to now I just tested it on a parking and as it was the first time ever I was riding a 36er, sensations were tremendous!
Can’t wait to put a KH 2015 handle on it, like on my nimbus 29er, and test it for a real ride.

a pic of mine :

All my unicycles are black cause I like this “color” and am really not a big fan of chrome on unicycles, especially for the small ones, but on a 36er I must admit that the chrome and old school look brings some kind of grace and beauty.

In a certain way all this chrome reminds me Harley Davidson’s motorbikes :smiley:
And being riding a big HD motorbike was exactly what I felt like when I tested this unicycle on the parking! (This is big, slow, stable, but it goes faster and further)

By the way, does someone know where lives Sarah Connor? :sunglasses: