Qu-ax 36 round-crown frame

Hi everybody,

I have a Qu-ax round-crown frame 36 inches. It accepts 25.2 seatposts and 40mm bearings. Seatpost clamp included but bearings cup missing. In good shape with only stickers residues.

I can email the full resolution of the pic (or make other), just PM me.

I’d rather favor trades. Let me know the parts you have or send me an offer :slight_smile:

Slightly off topic, but your parts for trade link seems to be broken.

I know, the hosting service is regularly down and I have to find another one :frowning:


I have a pair of 140mm cotterless TryAll cranks to throw in too :slight_smile:
(see the link in my signature for pics of the cranks).

Sidd, here are the pics I mentioned in my pm of the junk I have to trade.

The first is a vintage Lerun Skatebike. Not really a unicycle; more of a conversation piece. I also have an old 12" Semcycle. The seat is pretty hammered and it needs a new tire. I have a 24" Sun trainer that I learned on. And I also have a couple 20" Torker CX’s, which I didn’t take pictures of.

Like I said, I doubt I had anything worth trading; now you can confirm or deny. :slight_smile: Thanks

I could trade some money for the seat…if its not too much

Is it aluminum? I have a specialized s-works fast track 26x2.0 tire, lightly used. Also a specialized s-works the captain 26x2.3 tire, used a little bit more. And this new tire (specialized butcher SX 26x2.5) that we’ve already talked about. :slight_smile:

It’s chromed steel with pressed bearing holders.

Yes, the frame is chrome and the cranks are CrMo (if you are interested by the cranks too).
You are tempting with your tires as I am a tire junkie :smiley: But I try to limit myself to foldable tires only (just to keep the storage easy :wink: ).

PM me if you are still interested by the frame (with or without the cranks) =)