Qu-ax 36 hole splined hub!!!

Any of you think that would be great (even more usefull) to have a 36 qu-ax???
Most people who want to upgrade unis have 36 hole rims!!! :astonished: So… why qu-ax sells his hub like an upgrade kit?? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

The main idea:
-------- 48 is not bad, but 36 is much much better holes would fit most people --------

I find that qu-ax initiative is great–> low priced splined hub!
But the number of holes is not such a good idea!!

finally i woul like to tell qu-ax.de / municycle.com that also would be fantastic to sell 24 Munis!!!


I would like qu-ax to consider the idea of the 36 hole hub, and i think that this forum is a good way!!, so if you agree, let them know, replying this message!!!:smiley:

Re: Qu-ax 36 hole splined hub!!!


24 Inch Qu-ax Muni with this Hub will come !

Qu-ax is reading this forum !
Please wait for the answer !


any news???

Hi everybody!

Any of you know somethig about 24 qu-ax splined hub Muni??? I need one or two!!!

What would be the price??? 275-300 euro???

How good/strong is the hub???

Lots of thanks!!!:smiley:


Hi pepe,

the new 24 qu-ax splined hub Muni will cost 259,- EUR.

I´ll get it in my shop in about 2-3 weeks, I hope !

Sorry, the shop is only available in german at moment (english will come later !!!).


Shipping in Europe is possible, but I can`t accept creditcard at moment ( it will come later, too !)

I saw the Muni this week on a fair in munich, germany. It looks very nice.

At the moment I test the hub set. I think it`s strong and durable.



Thanks for the information!!!

If you have any pics… it would be great to post them here!!!

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(check your pms!)

Re: Thanks

coming soon


There are pics of the new qu-ax 20" & 24" Munis in the gallery



Thanks for all of your information!!!

I advice you to open a new thread “New Muni” as soon as you can sell them, i´m sure lots of people would be interested in those unis, the price is very competitive!! an if they are as strong as they seem you are going to be plety of work packing unis this summer!!!

Thanks again!!!

That converts to $309 US. Is that low priced? :thinking:

Es sieht ziemlich hoch, oder? Aber wenn das Qualitaet gut ist, dann ist es wertvoll.

i would say so, becasue a set of profiles is going to cost you more than that, a set of KH cranks, in the Uk is about £130, and this is only £180 for the whole uni,

A bargain

Thanks mark! It´s gratefull finding people that understands you!!!

what do you mean??

What do you mean when you say all that staff¿?¿?¿?¿? :thinking: :thinking:

Translation: That seems pretty high. But, if the quality is good, then it’s worth it.