qu-ax 36 er

has anyone got one ?
im thinking of buying 36 er is this a good buy ?

yeah qu-ax make good strong unis, that looks quite good, its isis too. Im not much of an expert on 36" having never actually had one but it looks ok, mabey someone who knows a bit more than me could back me up?

I have one. It’s great (not in comparison to others, because I haven’t tried any other). The seat you get with it is a bit stiff and plastic pedals might become slippery in rainy days, but it’s worth it. I’m getting a brake and a T7 handle installed, so it should be plenty of fun. But lucky you, you get the brake when you buy the uni.

The text says V-brake, but the picture shows cantilever brakes. Nothing wrong with that, I am actually looking into getting cantilever brakes on my own uni.

I have never tried a 36, but I am going to buy one very soon so I have been reading up on the subject lately. The Qu-Ax has a relatively narrow hub with 69mm flange spacing which might make the wheel more prone to twisting than a wheel with a wider hub (like the UDC model has).

I would think that the 48 spoke count would make it unneccessarily heavy unless your using it for Muni

Meh, even the new coker 36ers are 48 spoke.

it is a great uni. 48 spoke + isis hub = radical.

This is how my qu-ax looks now. I got a KH freeride seat, T7 handle and the brake installed:

PS: The pics are taken with my mobile phone, so the quality might suffer


whats it like having a handle? did it take long to get used to it ?
ur uni looks cool!

I got it the right height yesterday, so it should be great. I still need to test it on a longer route