Qu-Ax 29er & Spare KH fusion freeride saddle

I’ve recently bought a KH36 and don’t think this one will be getting much use any more.

It is standard apart from 125/150 Moment cranks, Fusion Freeride saddle, KH rail adaptor (with brake mount) and KH rail type seat post.

Also for sale is a brand new (old style) blue Fusion Freeride saddle that came straight off the KH36.

UK only, sensible offers please!

this is exactly the kind of thing i’m looking for, but after an operation i’m not allowed to ride till at least february. still… how much where you thinking would be a reasonable offer?

How much for saddle inc postage?

I was thinking £160 for the uni and £20 for the saddle, shipped. :slight_smile:

I was thinking £160 for the uni and £20 for the saddle?

pm sent :slight_smile: