QU-AX 29 Cross.

Hi Folks,

I’ve been riding for about 6 months on a cheep 24inch thing and love it.

Distance is my thing – done a couple of 10 mile+ rides so far but want something that goes a bit quicker.

Thinking of spending £200 on a 29 inch QU-AX Cross. Which looks great and is half the price of anything else that size.

Kind of think there must be a catch…… is there?

Nope, A bit heavier than the others and Qu-Ax lightweight cranks are not suitable for extreme MUni. I upgraded the seat to a KH fusion freeride and put 145mm Qu-Ax cranks on instead of the 170s.

A 29" will be so much easier for 10 mile rides, 24" is good for extreme MUni but for anything else I use my 29"


I have a Qu-ax cross 29. It is really good for that price. Mine came with 145 mm cranks.
For distance you might want to change the saddle to a KH freeride with an adjustable post. For Muni you will want some grippier pedals.
Apart from that, the uni is good.
One warning: Torque the cranks bolts often when the uni is new, otherwise the cranks come loose. I think this has to do with the ISIS cranks. After a while they are OK.

I just bought mine 1,5 weeks ago.

Is agood deal I ipgraded the seat for a kirsholm freeride and pedals too.

Is a good muny to make good excursions, Ive tried in 2 10Km excursions and worked really fine.

The speed is not as much as I though, is really fast compared to people but really slow (for example by city) compared with bikes.

But definetly is a really good option.

One failure i fins id the seat clamp, golds not hte seat really stron and in every fall I must put my seat in good position.

Thanks for the thumbs up!

I’ll be on one by this weekend!


Good Choice!

I have a Qu-AX Cross 29 as my main ride, and I have no complaints.

Well, some sealed bearing holders and some more clearance for the tyre would be nice. A newer model has fixed the latter, and the QX-Series has fixed the former.

Still, nice and solid and reliable. :slight_smile:

Thanks for all the posts.

Billys Bikes in Cambridge are now richer and I own a 29 inch Uni.

Agree with the cranks - I got a discount becouse they’d managed to strip the thread puting the pedells on. Easy to fix if you have the tools but somthign to watch when you first get one.

Appart from that a great ride = not as hard to get used to as I thought but still a step up