Qu-Ax 27.5'' Muni?

I am searching for a 27.5" or 29" Muni. The Qu-ax is very cheap, but I’m not sure about the quality. Does anyone have a review? Thanks.

Qu-Ax is a quality brand, as well as Nimubus and Kris Holm are. They have some cheap beginner unis (as Nimbus has too) but even they’re good quality. The QX models are their high end range and are as good as any other high end range unicycle. Absolutely great value for money. I have a 24" Muni built of Qu-Ax parts and a G27.5" Muni built of QX parts and I absolutely love them.
If you want the best value for money, take a QX. KH is not so much better but way more expensive.
The Qu-Ax Models are steel frames (if I remember right) and the QX ones are aluminium.

I have this unicycle since a month. I’m very content with the quality so far and definitely recommend it

I was thinking about buying the QX 27.5" plus, but I can’t find any detailed measurements on it. Do you know how wide the frame is?

It comes with a WTB Bridger tire, which apparently is about 73mm wide, but other popular 27.5+ tires are wider than that - Trax Fatty 3.25 is ~86, Surly Knard and Kenda Havok are 79mm. KH said his 27.5+ frame was designed for up to 84mm.

Anyway, the only info I can find on the QX frame says it fits “27.5+”, and the only tire I know fits for sure is the relatively small Bridger, so I would love more detailed info!

I don’t think, the frame of the 27.5+ is wider than the one of the 27.5. I think it’s just the tire and the rim that are different. But I don’t know. Maybe they use the 29" frame for the 27.5+ which is what I did on my custom build with the Specialized Purgatory Control 27.5x3.0. With this tire I have about 5mm clearance on each side when I center the wheel in the frame. (and the height looks just perfect.)
My frame (the QX29) has an inner width of 82mm. I’m not sure is the frame of the QX27.5 is of the same width, but it definitely isn’t less.

You can scroll this thread (transation via google) of the german forum. There we have some QX frames combined with different tire sizes of the 27.5 to 29+ range)

btw: the frame of the QX27.5 also fits a 29x2.2 wheel.

If you want to run wider than stock tires, I would contact a dealer which is selling Qu-Ax. They can simply measure the width/clearance for you. I only know German Uni shops, they always have been very helpful. I believe it is the same in other countries. Or just drop Qu-Ax a mail directly.

I did try to read the German thread before I posted, but it was pretty confusing…

However the Goudurix shop (in Montreal) got back to me right away: the QX 27.5+ frame width is 94mm. So the same as the KH frame.

I decided to try switching my QX-Series 27.5+ wheel to tubeless, since both the rim and the stock tire (WTB Bridger TCS 3.0 fast/light) claim to be tubeless ready. Here’s my report:

  • it was super easy to set up, no trouble at all seating the tire on the rim, held pressure fine even before I put sealant, and no sealant leakage from small leaks getting plugged.

  • BUT! running the same 17-18 lbs pressure that I was running with a tube, I was burping air and sealant constantly. I tried a slightly technical trail with small logs and roots, and small drops, all mostly 6" or less, and I never came close to hitting the rim on anything. Riding over a small log I would burp three times - first when I jumped up, then when I hit the log, then when I hit the ground after.

So I don’t recommend this combination. Maybe a different tire with a heavier sidewall would work better, but this one doesn’t stay seated well enough.

Which method did you use? Have you tried the split-tube-method?

No, I didn’t do the split tube. Tire and rim both claimed to be tubeless compatible so I just taped the rim and mounted the tire.

Putting the extra layer of rubber would make for a tighter fit, so I expect it would work better. But my Giant 27.5+ bike works great tubeless (Maxxis Rekon 2.8" tires, stock rims) with the tires mounted normally, and I run even lower pressure on the bike. So I was hoping for the same on the uni.

It´s always the combination of tire and rim. Some work better, some not as you experienced on your MTB vs Muni. I also believe that adding layers will help.

If that also does not work, you can use a system like the Schwalbe Procore. That will definatly “nail” your tubeless tire to the rim, no matter how low the pressure is.

Just following up on my original post to say that using a split inner tube as a tire liner did work OK - I haven’t had any problems yet, doing muni rides where I did things like practice log jumping.

Downside is that it’s somewhat heavier, and when I deflate the tire it doesn’t stay seated on the rim - it slips off the shelf where it’s supposed to be, and slides back into the center. The shelf is pretty narrow, and the split tube doesn’t leave enough room for the tire bead to stay securely seated without help from air pressure.

On the other hand I was able to pump up the deflated tire with a hand pump, since it’s still pretty well sealed even without being properly seated.

This is with the stock QU-AX 27.5+ rim; tire is the WTB Bridger TCS 3.0 fast/light.