Qu Ax 24" MUNI

Im selling this on behalf on my friend who wants he money for a trials uni.

in great condition, never been used harshly.

qu ax DB45 rim 48 hole
48 hole Qu ax Yellow Hub.
black spokes.
duro tube and wildlife tyre.
black qu ax frame, (with flat crown)
nimbus double bolt 25.4mm clamp
nimbus 25.4mm alu post
kris holm muni saddle

looking for £140 + whatever postage is. I am at chicksands this weekend if anyone is going and wants to buy.


hmmm noones interested eh?


Yeah, nice MUni.

I am a newbie to unicycling… well I have never had one, but I’m pretty familiar with the concept/sport.

I have to say that this is rather tempting…

but needs a re-spray…

Is it still available. How negotiable is the price?


riiight, the lowest we can go is £120, which IMO is a pretty good price.

I sent you a PM…


i have no PM in my inbox…

maybe try sending it again?

EDIT: just found it, you didnt PM me, put made a post on your own profile…
to send a PM, click on my username, the on the 2nd option doen, there is the lnk to write you a private message.

Oh sorry, I just repied to the message you sent…

I just presumed that it would get to you.

Yeah I thought I knew how to PM… But everyone can make mistakes…


now SOLD

Thanks for the notice…

Normally in the world of selling stuff you don’t say to someone that you will sell it, go quiet for a day or two and then just say it’s sold… I suppose at 14 the life experience isn’t quite there…

Oh well, I will just have to splash out on a new one, maybe a custom kh…

i said sold as i am selling it to you!
i guess i should have said it was provisionall y sold or something.

sorry for the confusion

Oh sorry…

I was in a bit of a bad mood yesterday…

Yeah I would have expected you to have said provisionally sold or something…

I am looking at a custom kh anyway but hey… I might learn to ride a unicycle better first!


Ok now this is definitely sold to me :smiley:

If simonb could close the thread then that would be great…