qu ax 24" Muni

I am only selling this because i am more into street/trials and i really want to boost my 36er fund.

It is a Used but not abused 24" Muni. It includes:
Yellow hub version
DB 45 48h Rim
170mm 10 spline cranks
Qu Ax frame
Nimbus clamp
Quax ax reinforced aluminium post.
odyssey and the standard Qu Ax BMX style pedal

Unfortunately, it does not come with a seat as i snapped the base:p All scratches are all aesthetic and i am goin to try and remove all the stickers i added

The pictures have the standard pedals and a KH street seat which is NOT included-They will be up soon

Note: I am not definately selling this yet but i probably will!

I hope these work (fingers crossed)

sorry about the crap picture quality but i was doing it quickly with my phone :roll_eyes: if anyoone wants better quality pics just ask.

I forgot to say that i wont ship out of the uk and the buyer pays postage.

Please post and send me a PM with your offer. Overall, theres around £250 of stuff so please make offers sensible


im looking for around £150 but will consider other offers