Qu-ax 24" Mountain Unicycle

I’m looking for a very “Hardcore” mountain unicycle and I have heard that the Qu-ax 24" Mountain Unicycle ( http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=796 ) is bombproof. Are there any notible downsides to it? Also, to put a magura brake on it, it says that you need brake clamps, and I’m not sure what those are and how to get them.

That is good, but I recommend the nimbus isis muni with kh cranks. It really is better than the qu-ax, both are very strong. Your not going to break either one or anything like that. What makes the nimbus better is the isis hub meaning you can buy and choose from many more cranks. You also have more of a selection as to what size you want. Be sure to get the kh cranks though, the other ones have a much better chance of breaking depending on how good you are. Even if your still learning they are a good investment.


agreed completely…but that is still a nice uni.

Could I put brakes on it (the Nimbus) w/o any upgrades?

no the nimbus frames do not support brakes, you’d need to get a mounting set welded on.

The clamps you will require for the qu-ax look like this.

Does that cost extra to weld them on? (If I order from UDC can they install it)?

No they are not, click on the link. Before saying something like that at least click on the link, ok? That is the old 10spline qu-ax crankset.

I say go with the nimbus still, even though you would have to get something welded on, or replace the frame.

Wow, I apologise, I was a dick. Completely missed it saying it was isis. Sorry dude. I guess I skimmed through the reading and looked at the picture more.

Haha, yeah, take foot with a very firm grip and insert into mouth… that is what I should have done.

Threadjack much?

I too think the Nimbus ISIS. Brakes can’t be that much of a necessity just build your legs up a bit! :smiley: And then if you decide that your terrain really does require brakes, either get some mounts welded on or even better buy a KH frame, which is arguably the best for weight and strength (ok… excluding ti frames etc…).

Sum it up…

So, to get everything together-
The nimbus is a better choice then the Qu-ax 24" Muni, because you have more options as far as cranks go. On the Qu-ax, people said that the cranks ARE NOT ISIS, but after looking more at the website (http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=796) it says clearly that the cranks are infact ISIS. :angry: :thinking: The nimbus does not hold brakes unless you weld the “brake holders” (brake bosses?) on, or you get a new frame. On http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=796 it says the Qu-ax has those already, making brakes easy to put on. So, now I am completly torn. If there is any incorrect info. above, please tell me.

Well if the quax is isis then it has just as many crank choices as the nimbus, sorry for the confusion. Yes, the nimbus can’t take brakes without modding while the quax does. Another point is that the nimbus takes 36h rim while the quax takes 48, you’ll have more hub/rim choices if you ever go to change with the nimbus. Honestly, i don’t think your going to need a brake, but if you really want one that bad I’d say get the quax. Unless you planning on doing dh the brake isn’t really necessary.

Both are great choices, if you want a brake get the quax, if you want mroe rim/hub choices get the nimbus.

Go with the Qu-Ax. At it is ISIS it will give you the same options if you had gone with the Nimbus, and you can add the brake more easily. The Qu-Ax is a great uni. (speaking from a biased perspective of course) :slight_smile:

i have and love my qu-ax

:slight_smile: never had any problems with it at all:)

However, the nimbus is cheaper, lighter (furthermore if you upgrade to a kh frame so you can use brakes) and as already said you’d have a better choice of rims should you need to get a new one. May I ask why do you think the brake is necessary? If you watch muni vids you will find that 99% of the time people just ride all the way down steep hills, not tyr and go as slow as possible down them. And since you are 15 you should be building up your muscles really :roll_eyes: .

Thank you everyone, you have really helped! :slight_smile: I still need to think about a few things before I make my decision. From what many of you have said, the brakes aren’t that necessary, so I shouldn’t base my decision around brakes. I’ll probably go with the Nimbus, unless something else pops ups. Thanks again!:smiley:


Sorry to bother everyone, but I have one last question.:o How does the seat on the Nimbus compare with the seat on the Qu-ax? (Looking for comfort and durability)