Qu-ax 2005

I recently bought a 2005 QU-AX Xtream MUni 20", as it was called.

I have not tried many other Trial-unis, but I’ve tried the 2004 edition from QU-AX and some other unis. From my point of view I would really recommend the QU-AX. It is much lighter than the 2004 and the crancs are much longer. The weight has now been “corrected” so that it is comfortable to ride with in opposition to the '04 model which was a little too heavy for me.

It has a '05 KH-seat, which is very comfortable and 48 spokes so that you won’t destroy your wheel all that easily.

The huge difference for me was to go from a 1.75" wheel to a 2.5" wheel - much better for jumping and looks much cooler. It also works as a suspension when you ride in bumby terrain.

My frame can be fitted with brakes. Although I won’t do that in teh near future, it is a good opportunity to have. I don’t think you had this opportunity on the '04 model.

I also think that the pedals that come with this unicycle are good. I thought I’d have to change this when I got my unicycle but I didn’t.

Over all, I cannot yet see any problems with this unicycle and will therefore say 10/10!

what kind of hub does it use?

splined- if thats what you mean

Ive got both the '04 20" (with SI frame), and now last week i got the '05 24" Muni, and i must say they are both awsome unis.

I was worried that the 24" was going to be a bit heavy, but doesnt feel much heavier than my trials, As Roland said it have a very good price performance ratio!

the '05 models now all come with a qxax rim 32mm inside measurement.

I too say 10/10, As ive had my trials for about 6 months now and no problems.


All your coments are making my decision to get the 2005 Qu-ax MUni seem even better. I am hoping that mine will come today so I can go for a birthday ride this afternoon.


I’ve been thinking about buying to, and this makes me think I should get it even more.

Wait wait wait… Is the 2005 Qu-ax Xtream Muni 20" about the same thing as the Qu-Ax 20-inch Trials Unicycle at unicycle.com???

Yes, I believe it is. And it is an excelent unicycle. Three months of intensive riding and no (major) problems!

The only problem I have encountered was a funny noise from the spokes (of which there are 48), but according to my local bike dealer (who also has a service-center), it was absolutely normal. He showed me a kind of oil (which I dunno what you call in English) that he put onto the spokes and voilá! the noise was gone.

Okay,if it has 48 spokes,what rim does it have?I thought it was hard to find a 48 hole rim.What rim does it have?

the rim on my freinds says bx-33 on it. I dunno what that’s about, though. sounds like a dx-32 rip off.