Qu-Ax 20 trials

i am just starting trials and am thinking about getting the Qu-Ax 20.
Is it a good uni for the money? and is it strong?


good for the money

yes its strong


it’s cheap and splined and easy to get in AUS + great for a learner

Great for anyone. It’s really strong.

Maby little to heavy but it’ strong. Realy strong.

It’s a very good unicycle,

Uber strong and it has a yellow hub, what more can a man want? Fat saddle though, order a gel saddle to go with it.



i already got a kh street gel fusion seat and yellow jim c pedals on my uni, so the pedals will match awesome

yeah man get that uni it will last you way longer than the nimbus.

ye i just brought 1 there own. make sure u chop bout 2 inchs of the seat post lol. way to big even at a tall height

Its a good uni, but the rim has some minor issues (unless they started using the DX32).

I would get it and use it till you break the rim, then get a stronger rim.

well worth it mate

:slight_smile: i own a qaux ther reali nice r slightly heavy but well worth the money n ive not broken it n i do throw it around alot well worth getin

S should by it if you not can afford the new KHU ; )

On the newer qu-ax’s (after 2005) they made the rim stronger and wider.

i have the 24’’ version, and I have had no problems with the rim. I love this uni.

When does the 2007 Model come out???

I have one and it’s amazing - held up through some crazy drops. I’d say they were about 76% sexy.

Where can I get one and for how much?

They’re already been out for a while, the 2007 model is a Cross unicycle, the Qu-Ax trials won’t be changed till 2008 (So I’ve heard)

Qu-Ax Cross (ISIS splined):

Here for $323 with all the extra stuff

They are strong and really nice, even though the cranks are kinda long.

To clarify, there are two different models your speaking of. One, the weaker version, is called the “cross” which ISIS splined (light, but weak) The other model is the full on trials, 10 splined and very strong.

I do not think Qu-Ax goes by dates like the KH 2007 unicycles.

Yeah, I’d say so. 145mm??? That’s insane…

Good uni, though.