Qu-Ax 20" Trials Uni for sale

I have a 20" Qu-Ax that is in really good condition. Has a few scrapes on the cranks from stalling on stuff. This is normal wear for a trials uni. The rim is totally straight, the pedals and cranks are straight. The saddle is in good condition with scrapes on the front and back where they can be expected. I’ve had this for about 2 years and ridden it very little. I’m a motorcycle trials rider and I thought I would get good use out of this. I was wrong. $300, I’ll pay the shipping.

Here’s what it looks like

Let me know

My email address is jaynovero at gmail
I’ll post pics tonight or tomorrow.

Located in Texas for any local buyers.

um…any pics coming soon?


Sorry for the delay. Here are photos I took this morning.

New price is $280US Shipped anywhere in the United States. $300US to Canada.




what kinda seat post clamp is that?

Love it already

Give me 24 hours from the posting of this message to get a confirmation of whether or not I’ll take it. (yea…I’m only 14 so persuading parents takes time)

i hear that lol

sorry, can’t get it, money is a little tight - don’t want to stress my parent’s wallets too much :frowning:

for those with money, jump on this deal!

It’s the stock clamp that came on the uni.

No worries Shermanator. I was young once too.

Anyone else interested in making an offer??? I accept Paypal

What kind of cranks does it have?

What kind of cranks do you have on it? if I wanted could I put KH moments on it?

That is pre-ISIS. Looks like the 8 spline hub with that pinch-bolt, so if you want to change the cranks, you’ll need to get something like these;
Or these;



This will be my bottom dollar for the uni. $260 US shipped anywhere in the USA. $280 to Canada. I’ll gladly ship it worldwide for $240 US plus actual shipping costs. Let me know you’re postal code and I’ll figure actual shipping for you.

This is a nice unicycle that has been ridden by an amateur. Tire is stock if that gives you any idea of ride time. There are some scratches on the cranks that the pictures don’t show from stalling on a concrete ledge in front of my house.

I hate to sell it but I want a trials bicycle.


If you can hold this until Christmas…

…I might be able to get it…