QU-AX 20" trials trade for 26" or larger Muni.

As stated in the title, I have a QU-AX 20" trials unicycle that I would like to trade straight up for a 26" or larger mountain unicycle of similar value. I am willing to negotiate the value of your trade. Furthermore, I will not ask for cash on top of the trade if your uni is in decent, functioning condition. If you are interested in the QU-AX but don’t have a trade I will consider an offer.

This uni is really solid and has also been well used so there are some scratches. Cosmetically it’s not perfect, but it rides great! I wish I could keep it and just buy a muni but money is tight! I really want to get into riding trails but I don’t want to break the bank and that is the sole purpose of this post.

Let me know if you have any questions. I will post pics soon.